Obama Obliterates Romney and GOP

Well it looks like unskewedpolls.com is going to have to eat crow. Adam Silver, the evil gay pollster who had Obama having a 96% chance of winning got it right again… for the third election series in a row (2008 and 2010). Everyone had banked on being so 50-50 with everything it was sick. I’ll even admit that my election map (which was 288-250 Obama) was relatively tame. Obama in nearly every poll and all major networks (including the now suicidal FOX News) has won and at this point in time is ahead be either 303-203 or 332-203, so either way an absolute landslide.

Obama winning isn’t even the biggest story, but first to laugh at all the political promises. How many of the punocracy made huge bold predictions? Both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck predicted Romney would win by 100 electoral votes or more and many others predicted that Obama was basically DOA. They railed against the base of Obama (Latinos, Blacks and Young People/Students) for not being at arms as they were in 2008, all while touting GOP supporters and Tea Party members as being rallied by Romney… the same guy who all of these people hated in mid-November. Romney was never who they wanted. They wanted anyone else… but here is what the problems were:

  • Michelle Bachmann – Seems literally insane at times and is so anti-gay, anti-women’s rights that she could never carry a general election. Somehow a worse option than Sarah Palin don’t cha know?
  • Rick Perry – G.W. Bush Jr. No chance in hell they try that again. As G-Dub said famously, “Fool me once… shame on you… fool me twice… well you won’t fool me again.”
  • Ron Paul – Not a pandering douche. Doesn’t fit the mold. Also says truly obscenely out there things. Hilarious at parties I bet.
  • Herman Cain – Dems already did they black guy thing… doesn’t hurt that he was a serial ass toucher.
  • Newt Gingrich – He is in fact, Newt Gingrich… that is terrible enough.

So that left them with Mitt Romney… a man who is on record saying too many things too damn often and while the 1st debate against President Obama was a full on Romney win, no one remembers the 1st… only the last. Nothing proves that more than how tight this election was. It was as tight a race as we have ever seen between two ideologies. While both candidates would not change much in economic reform, domestically speaking women’s rights and LGBT rights were up for grabs here. The Supreme Court is going to lose up to 3 members who will need to be replaced and Romney would have put in Justices who would be willing to make abortion illegal, gay marriage a crime and defund social safety programs like Planned Parenthood which helps millions of women in this country.

Rove got Roved funny enough

The biggest loser in all of this is Karl Rove and the Citizens United ruling which will more than likely, be overturned with a new Supreme Court Justice. Karl Rove with both of his Crossroads named anti-Obama pro-Romney Super PACs, poured some $800 million into this election trying to unseat Senator Sherrod Brown (D) of Ohio and trying to sway Ohio voters in favor of Romney. Turns out Ohio didn’t even matter as Iowa, Nevada and Colorado are the real states that ended this, saving us from a bulls–t recount and political warfare across all of Florida and Ohio. They way I said it (before Romney conceded) was since Obama won Ohio, Virginia and Florida… how can you tell me that all 3 wins were rigged? That is just too obvious and also, entirely too hard to do especially with Florida and Ohio being run by GOP Governors and Sec. of State.

In Ohio, where we witnessed some 333 political ads per day on TV, its negativity had little effect after awhile. Citizens are collectively tired of the mind games and tired of the negative politics that are associated. I received several calls indicating how tired listeners on radio were of political ads, it was wearing on people and in this day of unlimited funding, it showed that it literally changed nothing in favor of those who spent the most. In $6 Billion, the GOP gained back North Carolina and Indiana from Obama’s 2008 election, both states are generally red states anyway. In $6 Billion, they still lost Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Virginia, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The way John King of CNN put it was best in saying that with losing Michigan, Wisconsin AND Minnesota they were basically screwed. Well he was right, it got to the point where Obama didn’t even need key states Florida and Ohio because as I said, Nevada, Colorado and Iowa were sticking with Obama.

You’re probably asking, “how the f–k did this happen?” if you are a GOP supporter and its easy, Latinos. Latinos, the fastest growing populace in America, vote heavily democrat and with the Republicans willing to suppress them as much as possible to pander to the Tea Party, they will overwhelmingly vote blue every election.

The Democrats gained more seats in the Senate while the GOP still controls the House, the team of, “Legitimate Rape from God” got ousted to no one’s surprise and both incumbent Governor Scott Walker (Wis) and John Kasich (Oh) need to live in fear for their upcoming elections, because voters have shown they remember and they are really, really pissed off. This election gave the Democrats a boost and the GOP a swift kick in the nads and it proved that money cannot always buy you an election… seriously just ask former WWE Chairmen Linda McMahon who got her ass kicked after spending another $50 Million (She spent $50M during the last race). The GOP must change its strategy and refocus its party, because if not, they will continue to get swept like the Detroit Tigers in a World Series.

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