The Tea Party Problem

Now I have written about the Tea Party several times and some of the ass backwards thought processes they have, but I also do agree with some of their views and thoughts in principle. What I agree with is that government should be transparent, that civil liberties should be restored and that government needs to get its hands off certain things. I also agree that Obamacare is a very stuffed piece of legislation, necessary though it is. Where they lose me is by refusing, at all, to be moderate or to work with liberals or democrats at all. It is what coined the Tea Party as the party of no. With darlings like Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio they feel like they have taken it to the establishment of the GOP and showed them that they, the Tea Party, mean business. What they have really done in retrospect, is decimate their own political goals using a mixture of cut and paste and smash and grab.

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Why The Public Was So Supportive Of Chris Dorner

Now that Chris Dorner is proclaimed dead (still not sure yet) everyone is asking why the hell the public was so supportive of a man who killed in cold blood? Why would people across America, especially in Los Angeles, support a man who was essentially pulling off his own impersonation of The Punisher? It seems counter productive for the public to be ok with what is basically a vigilante, but when you read between the lines and the bullshit, it quickly becomes obvious to why people supported him. They fear and don’t trust the LAPD or law enforcement in general.

Ask yourself this:

Were any regular citizens of Los Angeles afraid of Dorner?

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Pope Calls It Quits

In a move that stunned pretty much everyone, the Pope, the supposed universal mouth piece of the lord himself has decided he cannot do it anymore citing ill health. While this makes sense in other lines of work, it makes little sense in this one. He is the representative of god (apparently) and now he is saying he is so sick that he cannot fulfill his duties as Pope. Please, gag me.

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Why I Sarcastically Appreciate Westboro Baptist Church

This title no doubt has grabbed your attention. I do not condone nor think what they do is good for the world, in fact I believe the opposite. The WBC is nothing more than a slanderous hate group. Why then have I said that I appreciate them? Simply put it’s because what they do is exactly what is transcribed in the Bible. Their pickets, signs and actions all are acceptable within Biblical terms. They preach positively for the deaths of soldier’s, abortion clinics being bombed, gays being murdered and non believers being killed, maimed or humiliated. The Westboro Baptist Church is truly a group of sick f–ks the likes of which we haven’t seen front and center since the Klan during it’s height of power.

The real reason I appreciate WBC is simply because through their willful ignorance and disturbing actions they reaffirm my lack of faith in religious institution. Remember that these people are given tax exemption status from the United States government, so like it or not they are truly considered a legitimate sect of Christianity.

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Women Are Going To The Front Lines. Republican Pundits Freak Out.

Women are now allowed to go to the front lines of combat for essentially the first time after the law from 1994 prohibiting it, was abolished. Well a vast majority of FOX News and right wing pundits are literally freaking the f–k out about this. Because, you know, they are all for women’s equality… except in pay, rank and rights.

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The 40th Annual March For Life Is Really Ironic

The right to lifers are again trying to explain how abortion is terrible because God says it is so. Again a religious view attempting to be forced upon us because if they don’t, then people like myself will live a sinful immoral life with murder, sex and drug use. This of course, is their close minded thought process and honestly I only do 1 of those 3, you can probably guess which one.

So you are asking what is the irony here? What do I, Sean Anthony, find ironic about The March for Life? It’s quite simple really. They use the freedom of religion and free speech to say these things, all while attempting to limit the free speech and freedom FROM religion that we, those who do not adhere to Christian laws, are guaranteed as well. I’m just tired of the idiocracy from the uneducated.

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Lack Of Fathers Is An Issue In America, God Is NOT The Answer Though

So besides blaming video games and music as accessories to murder because the NRA and their supporters will blame anything right now besides a gun, the new thing is a very legit point. Because a traditional family consisting of a father and mother (or mother/mother father/father in my opinion too) is no longer the norm in America it has caused damage to our children. Very good point and honestly very valid too. The proposition though is flawed by those who keep this argument up… they talk about the 50s and 60s as what we need to return to and that the lack of God in our schools is the problem. This is where it keeps getting taken too far and begins to lose credibility.

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Hobby Lobby And The Religious Right Are Forgetting The Freedom FROM Religion Part

So Hobby Lobby, a large chain store, is doing whatever it can to avoid paying health insurance costs to cover their full time staff. They are being fined by the feds to the tune of $1.8 million a day. They claim it is because they are deeply religious and allowing women to use birth control is against THEIR beliefs. Hmmm… ok I understand your reservation, but the issue I am having with Hobby Lobby, alongside many different religious institutions that employ people, is that while yes you have your right to freedom OF religion, we as citizens, have a right to freedom FROM religion.

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Kim and Kanye Are Pregnant? 10 Reasons I Don’t Give A Damn.

Ugh… let’s be honest here. No one with an ounce of soul or thought gives a damn about this. Kanye West has become one of the most self absorbed entertainers in recent memory. He constantly reminds us he is the best thing to ever grace the earth. His girlfriend is no better. Kim Kardashian is famous for taking a mouthful of Ray J, otherwise known as Moesha’s brother. Kim Kardashian has been pimped by her mother, who very slyly owns the rights to her daughters half ass porn and sold it, all in order to make the Kardashian a household name. I dislike both of these people as you should too. The fact that these 2 egos have decided to make a child is both disturbing and annoying. So to explain my disdain here are the 10 reasons I don’t give a damn about them having a baby.

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Del Toro + GLaDOS + Monsters vs. Robots = This Trailer for Pacific Rim is Visual Sex

Release date: Summer 2013

Guillermo Del Toro has a movie coming out called Pacific Rim, in which humanity is under siege by monsters from another dimension. In response we create giant upgraded to hell Jet Jaguar like robots called Jaegers (alcohol again saves the world) and proceed to try to be the Juan Manuel Marquez to the monsters Manny Pacquiao. What ensues here is one of the best trailers I have ever seen. I really mean that… add on that apparently GLaDOS from Portal is somehow voice wise in this. I have been watching old Godzilla and Gamera movies to feed my addiction for monster movies… this is much needed. Del Toro… good sir… thank you for this movie ahead of time.