Rush Limbaugh Did Something The AP, FOX, an CNN Didn’t. Apologized.

Never in multiple universes and centuries would I ever think that I would be praising Rush Limbaugh, but holy shit… I am. Through all of the horrible reporting that had been going on after the horrible Boston Bombing, no one had apologized. CNN stood there and just moved on, not saying anything, not even a whoops or a dammit to show a screw up. The AP, who is essentially the media filter outlet that most news flows through, didn’t apologize nor recognize that they screwed up royal. FOX relied on CNN and their sources thus looking like asshats as well, but Rush Limbaugh… actually apologized for not checking and double checking sources… Oh. My. God.

Reading Rush’s apology was laced with snarky quips and still slammed the “drive-by media” as he puts it, but for once, I must agree with Rush Limbaugh. It causes my skin to quiver, but it is true. The media was so worried about being first, so worried about having the suspect(s) identity that they didn’t even take the time to see if they happened to have been, oh I don’t know, wrong as hell.

As Rush said in his show transcript, “Yesterday we heard dark-skinned.  We heard light-skinned.  We heard a male-looking female.  We had a gay-looking transgender.  I mean, every possibility was thrown out, in terms of the suspect.  We were told there are pictures.  We were told there’s video.  We were told about a Saudi national who had been questioned and released.  There’s more stuff being pumped out today about the Saudi national.”

Rush admitted he had been duped and felt that he, as a host and a well known personality, should have double checked it all. While I do not agree with him politically, he was looking to release information about a national tragedy and trying to find the suspects that caused it. He has a highly listened to show and people wanted information, he just was releasing it, but at the same time he put blame on himself for jumping on the proverbial band wagon.

The media died a second death this week. Was he black? Was he white? Was he Christian? Muslim? Flying Spaghettist? There were 2 of them, they were from Chechnya and they were Islamic, but were also WHITE skinned, because that part mattered so damn much. CNN was wrong, FOX was wrong, Glenn Beck and the Blaze weren’t just wrong, but wrong on levels that fathomed absurdity and Rush was wrong… but only Rush had the balls to admit fault. Shutter while you read that.

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