Obama Obliterates Romney and GOP

Well it looks like unskewedpolls.com is going to have to eat crow. Adam Silver, the evil gay pollster who had Obama having a 96% chance of winning got it right again… for the third election series in a row (2008 and 2010). Everyone had banked on being so 50-50 with everything it was sick. I’ll even admit that my election map (which was 288-250 Obama) was relatively tame. Obama in nearly every poll and all major networks (including the now suicidal FOX News) has won and at this point in time is ahead be either 303-203 or 332-203, so either way an absolute landslide.

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Ohio: The Political Battleground of America

Unless you are Amish or avoid all entertainment provisions, you know about the political spectrum in America. Regardless of where you live, you know that the good ol’ USA is ripe with politicians who love to use key words and talking points such as:

  • American People (makes us feel united right?!)
  • Obamacare (Affordable Health Care Act)
  • Death Tax (actually the Estate tax)
  • Job Creators (rich people who pay bare-minimum wage)
  • Taxes (non-inflation based tax increases don’t really exist)
  • Unions (apparently evil despite making minimum wage, overtime, health care, paid holidays and maternity leave for workers mandatory to a degree)
  • God (should never be involved in politics ever, the Lord does not shape policy nor have an economy…unless your the Catholic Church)
  • Obamaphone (a policy actually created by the GOP lord himself Ronald Regan)
  • Elitists (me apparently…rocking my barely livable wage)
  • Liberal (Satan incarnate)
  • Ayn Rand (wrote a fictional novel that became a GOP bible…wtf?)
  • Bailout (saving the super-wealthy all while explaining it was to save jobs, despite most of these companies hiring no one or exporting their labor)
  • Senate Bill 5 (Gov Kasich’s failed anti-union legislation)

Ok so now that we have those talking points up there, let us check on 3 people in general. Secretary of State for Ohio John Hustead, Governor John Kasich, and State Treasurer Josh Mandel. These 3 men are by all accounts, are both very corrupt and very ignorant.

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