Why The Tea Party Are Not The Patriots They Want You To Think They Are

The Tea Party, a weird assortment of angry republicans that refuse to get behind any representative that is willing to work with a democrat, namely Barack Obama, has founded itself on the connection to the Tea Party of the 1700’s. They were fighting tyranny! Right? That’s what they state at least. But in reality (something they tend to avoid) there is not just no connection between the two, but they are in fact absolutely opposite to the T.

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Steven Crowder gets Slugged. Whines About It on FOX News. [UPDATED W/ VIDEO]

So if you missed this video you missed political comedian (he is less funny than Dane Cook) Steven Crowder getting decked by a Union member during a protest of the Michigan right-to-work bill being passed. Crowder then went directly back to his mommy (FOX) to complain about getting socked in the face.

“I literally believe, Sean [Hannity], that if I had defended myself at all, even flicked a small little jab, that they would have killed me…”

I literally agree with him, but is it the union man’s fault that you got in the way and pissed them off in order to save people in a tent who were being just as vulgar and vicious? No.

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Why Are Profits More Important Than People?

It is Black Friday and everyone is out to get deals wherever they lie. It is honestly a fun day to go out with family and friends and enjoy the fruits of your labor, but it is a day that I (as a realist) get depressed about more than anything else. In light of both the Hostess bankruptcy and OURWalmart staging their walk-outs on Wal-Mart’s across the US, it makes me wonder why companies treat profits with more importance than workers?

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Obama Obliterates Romney and GOP

Well it looks like unskewedpolls.com is going to have to eat crow. Adam Silver, the evil gay pollster who had Obama having a 96% chance of winning got it right again… for the third election series in a row (2008 and 2010). Everyone had banked on being so 50-50 with everything it was sick. I’ll even admit that my election map (which was 288-250 Obama) was relatively tame. Obama in nearly every poll and all major networks (including the now suicidal FOX News) has won and at this point in time is ahead be either 303-203 or 332-203, so either way an absolute landslide.

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