Forget "Gangnam Style" and Get Into the Death Metal Crab Walk

Top-5 on the internet right now

Now no doubt you have never heard of the metal band IMMORTAL or maybe you have, either way this is currently my favorite video. As a video editor myself, dear lord I want to thank the guy who slipped this nugget into the video for the song ALL SHALL FALL. (All their stuff is in CAPS LOCK so I figured why not)

Around 45 seconds the lead singer/guitarist does a Death Metal Crab Walk and I cannot stop laughing at it. Currently top 10 on my internet trolling meter. Make sure to watch this entire video though because I seriously cannot tell if this video is serious or was done as a joke and they all just dicked around the whole time. Honestly, like, every one of their music videos is done in a mountain range that looks straight out of Skyrim. They also look like La Parka from WCW and KISS formed a 80s hair metal band and this is what became of that spawn. Enjoy.

I could watch this damn thing over and over… in fact it is 7:45am and I am still watching this… sad, but screw it, I’m single and my cat finds it hilarious too.

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