Rush Limbaugh Did Something The AP, FOX, an CNN Didn’t. Apologized.

Never in multiple universes and centuries would I ever think that I would be praising Rush Limbaugh, but holy shit… I am. Through all of the horrible reporting that had been going on after the horrible Boston Bombing, no one had apologized. CNN stood there and just moved on, not saying anything, not even a whoops or a dammit to show a screw up. The AP, who is essentially the media filter outlet that most news flows through, didn’t apologize nor recognize that they screwed up royal. FOX relied on CNN and their sources thus looking like asshats as well, but Rush Limbaugh… actually apologized for not checking and double checking sources… Oh. My. God.

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Huckabee, Perkins, Bauer Threaten To Leave GOP Because Of Gay Marriage

Mike Huckabee, a fundamentalist Christian who has his regular talk show on FOX News, has taken time out of explaining how school killings are due to the lack of God, to enlighten us on the real problem within the GOP. They might be ok with being gay. Huckabee was joined by crazy man Tony Perkins who heads the bitchy Family Research Council (FRC) and soon to be forgotten Gary Bauer who main goal in life is to make gays second class citizens with his National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

The threat made by all 3 men is that if the Republican party for some reason accepts homosexuals for the dastardly sin of making their own individual choices, that they will leave the GOP and form a new party, a 3rd party for evangelical Christians to feel confident about. I say go ahead, see how that works.

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Applaud Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz On People Over Profits

Howard Schultz has been openly pro gay civil rights for awhile now, but it came to a head when stockholder Tom Strobhar complained that Starbucks backing a same-sex marriage bill in Washington was hurting their bottom line.

“In the first full quarter after this boycott was announced, our sales and our earnings — shall we say politely — were a bit disappointing,” said Strobher, who is the founder of the anti-abortion, anti-gay Corporate Morality Action Center (CMAC). Howard Schultz fired back and showed rare humility from a Corporation.

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Chuck Grassley Is A F–King Moron

“Where is the artistic value of shooting innocent victims?” Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)

This quote is the exact problem with politicians today and by that I mean politicians that were born in 1933, which Chuck Grassley was. How is Senator Grassley, a 79 year old man, going to comment on video games when more than likely he has not played a single damn game. Maybe Pong, but he then said it was a fad and went back to reading about deregulation.

Everything f–ked up and annoying is encompassed within Senator Grassley’s bullsh-t laden speech about gun control issues. Again dodging gun control problems that do need fixed (such as auditing of gun stores inventory is not required) and blaming it on entertainment based things. If Senator Grassley wasn’t a dumbass who had interns write his speech’s and read a few articles or hell even reviews on these games that involve guns, he would quickly realize a vast majority of them (if not all) do not have you killing what he deems innocent victims, but have you killing an enemy, be it of the state or of your personal character. Video game culture is not to blame, politician culture, Chuck Grassley’s culture is to blame.

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Republicans Just Played Right Into Obama And The Democrats Hands

I don’t have any grey area when it comes to my disdain for both parties here in the United States, but to me the GOP is the worst. No not because of their conservative ideology, I agree with some of it, but because they play the fear, religion and race card more than anyone else. After Romney took an ass kicking in the presidential election and walking human-ham hybrid Karl Rove had a literal meltdown on FOX during the results I quickly realized that the GOP had fallen in the trap set by Obama and the Democrats. It was the same thing that Rove and the Bush Republicans did in the early 2000’s to the Democrats. It’s the old, how does your own medicine taste deal. How do the Republicans like it? Not at all and they still don’t even get it.

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How About Liberals and Conservatives Work for Us for Once?

Every time I listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck all I hear is how they need to defeat, “the liberal agenda” or “progressives” in order to save America and end evil destructive entitlements and save the so called, “job creators.” Then  I switch over to Rachel Maddow, and I hear, “defeat the Conservative agenda…” or, “Stop the Tea Party.” My point here is both sides are regurgitating the same hate speech to the masses, making conservatives hate liberals and anything liberally based and making liberals hate conservative and tea party ideas.

While I myself lean more left I am very fiscally conservative, but both sides need to stop trying to prop their own platforms to destroy the other and instead work together to make all our lives, not just 47% or 53% of us (#RomneyMath) happy. The whole point is that the Bible belt for example, is a hot bed for everything conservative and GOP support there is basically a guarantee each election. As far as the conservative pundits go with their hatred for described “entitlements” they forget that the majority of their base use these “entitlements.” They are not entitlements, they are guarantees to sustain your life beyond your working years. Medicare and Social Security are there so that those who have worked a majority of their life can rest and relax and receive the return of their 30-40 years of payment to the system, not so they can live off of a nasty sounding word like entitlement. Its more of a self earned guarantee.

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Why Are Conservative Pundits Crying Foul on the GOP Denouncing Grover Norquist?

So now the punocracy is complaining about GOP members reneging on their “pledge” to Grover Norquist to never raise taxes. Norquist is a mouthpiece for several lobbying firms and is the President of Americans for Tax Reform, which is funny considering it should be called, Americans against Taxes in General.

Professional Human/Badger Hybrid

Norquist for decades now has been essentially forcing GOP nominees to sign off on this ass-backwards anti-taxes in general pledge. With Lindsay Graham (aged Ellen Degeneres) and Saxby Chambliss (awesome name) dropping off this pledge in light of the overplayed fiscal cliff talk, it has brought a new GOP view to head. Can the GOP survive with their old world “party of no” style they did with Clinton and with Obama in his first term? Obama won in a landslide and the GOP lost Senate seats among some House seats of importance, yet with trillions in debt and the lowest taxes in decades, raising taxes on the top 2%-5% of income earners is just so awful to think about. This is the thought of Norquist a Harvard educated man who himself uses plenty of “entitlements” to line his own pockets.

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Obama Obliterates Romney and GOP

Well it looks like is going to have to eat crow. Adam Silver, the evil gay pollster who had Obama having a 96% chance of winning got it right again… for the third election series in a row (2008 and 2010). Everyone had banked on being so 50-50 with everything it was sick. I’ll even admit that my election map (which was 288-250 Obama) was relatively tame. Obama in nearly every poll and all major networks (including the now suicidal FOX News) has won and at this point in time is ahead be either 303-203 or 332-203, so either way an absolute landslide.

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Seemingly Easy Way to End Any Sort of Voter Fraud Post Election

Our President here in the USA will be determined within the next several days pending recounts, voter fraud claims, court rulings and of coarse, the outcome. The big thing that has been made into a national spectacle (especially here in Ohio) is this belief of “voter fraud” swaying the election. While voter fraud is real, does happen and is not just against the law, but very petty, it is rare. The obsessed Tea Party and their Watch Dog campaign to “protect the vote” have really become nothing more than a petty racially motivated movement. How many white voters do you think have been stopped or looked at differently? Yeah, probably none. We live in a country that is for the most part divided on a relatively even scale. We all have a political lean whether it be left or right, and our views are not generally singular. What I mean by this is you can be pro-women’s rights (right to choice) yet be fiscally conservative. You can be gay and a GOP supporter. That is the lovely thing about being American. We can have cake and eat it too… all while getting diabeetus (Brimley style).

What is lost in all of this is the simple fixes. What we tend to forget is that we believe these people that tell us there is voter fraud, with little evidence and an obvious political agenda. Who can we trust in this political turmoil that has nothing to really lose or gain? It’s not our politicians, the media, or even friends really. Ourselves, we should only trust ourselves. We know our vote and who we voted for, that’s why the easiest way to stop voter fraud (or the thought of it) is by being able to see what our vote was post election.

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Election Fear-Mongering 2012: Finally Almost Over

The American political custerf–k is finally… almost over. All we have heard is ads, ads ,ads ,ads and more ads. Why Obama hates America and Jesus and white people, why Romney will destroy small business, unions and Paul Ryan rapes Medicare and Social Security. We all have had to deal with these stupid (and generally false) ad campaigns.

There is no “War on Religion” it’s a war on Civil Rights

The GOP has taken the religious aspect hammer to the proverbial nail, and using their atypical scare tactics that honestly, educated people laugh at. They make you think that Obama doesn’t just want abortions and lots of them, but he wants to perform them all during a second term in office. I love how during a tough time in America with economic turmoil, getting out of war as best we can and attempting to get over a recent hurricane (yes, global warming is real) the real issue is contraception and restricting the rights of a woman to do with her body as she pleases. This is the same political group that bitches and complains about big government intervention and how it should be regulated to the states to decide, yet they want to put into law that abortion is illegal and that sex is the worst thing ever in the history of man.

Both parties truly epically suck beyond reason and we all should believe this for good measure.

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