Sony…My Tale of the PS3 and My Response to Their Customer Survey they Requested

I recently was having issues with my online via my Sony Playstation 3. It involved my not being able to play games online and my Netflix (I pay $8 a month) unable to work on my TV via the Playstation 3. It had been happening off and on over the past 3 months. At first I wasn’t angry, the interwebs has issues all the time. Then it became regular…it lasted instead of a day or so, days then weeks. It became a point of no return. I couldn’t do anything nor play anything. It would auto sign me out…for literally no reason.

Then after emailing them about this issue (albeit I was angry so it was a very worded message) I get the generic response of, “We’re sorry, we wish we could do more, but we can’t. If you just wait for it to fix itself everything will be ok, we promise…till next time if screws up at least.”

Well unfortunately for them, I don’t feel I should have to wait on a $400 system and $60 games.

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Quick Hits: Madden 13 Rolls Out Patch That Should Have Been There Anyway

Madden 13 has issued yet ANOTHER patch to ANOTHER Madden game. Before we talk about the patch itself let me just say that I played this Madden 13 and I hated it. It is regressed. Madden 12 ran circles around it. The players feel fake, they still want to act like “Gameflow” was a great idea which it wasn’t, because if it was they wouldn’t have made a patch TO RESTORE MY ABILITY TO CHOOSE MY OWN DAMN PLAY. I mean really what is the point of calling a play where you don’t even know what routes are being run or where your running back is running the ball? I mean yeah online you can check it, but why show your routes to your friend sitting next to you? They know how you play and will probably try to jump one of them or stuff the area your RB is about to run forth.

So anyway here are the patch updates, fixes and add ons that SHOULD have been in the original $59.99 game.

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Quick Hits: Call of Duty (All of Them) and Why It Sucks

I m not a fan of the Call of Duty franchise.

I do enjoy a good FPS with a solid or at least interesting  story (Resistance, Halo, Haze, Bioshock) that makes me think and work toward a collective goal and OFFERS the ability to enhance my experience with online play. I dislike strictly online games that are not MMO’s.

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