Chuck Grassley Is A F–King Moron

“Where is the artistic value of shooting innocent victims?” Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)

This quote is the exact problem with politicians today and by that I mean politicians that were born in 1933, which Chuck Grassley was. How is Senator Grassley, a 79 year old man, going to comment on video games when more than likely he has not played a single damn game. Maybe Pong, but he then said it was a fad and went back to reading about deregulation.

Everything f–ked up and annoying is encompassed within Senator Grassley’s bullsh-t laden speech about gun control issues. Again dodging gun control problems that do need fixed (such as auditing of gun stores inventory is not required) and blaming it on entertainment based things. If Senator Grassley wasn’t a dumbass who had interns write his speech’s and read a few articles or hell even reviews on these games that involve guns, he would quickly realize a vast majority of them (if not all) do not have you killing what he deems innocent victims, but have you killing an enemy, be it of the state or of your personal character. Video game culture is not to blame, politician culture, Chuck Grassley’s culture is to blame.

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Video Game Attack Reviews: Risen 2

This review brought to you by Play N Trade Dublin located on 7593 Sawmill Road, Columbus, Ohio. Go to their Facebook Page and like it! Call (614) 889-6991 for game sales, tournament dates and more details.

Many games take the aspect of Fable or Elder Scrolls and try to dublicate the open world, free choice style that has made both of those franchises a gold standard (minus Fable 3 and Fable Kinect). Many have tried and many have failed, but not all games are utter failures. Many give us something to enjoy or something to enhance future games… think of the game Killswitch, a 3rd person shooter that was for all intensive purposes, God awful. Without it though we wouldn’t have been given Gears of War because Killswitch gave us the cover system with blind fire… we all love blind fire. That brings us to Risen 2. A game that is following up the previous title in story, but with a new character. In this open world game you are the Hero who must defeat the Titans and save the world… or something. Here is your review of Risen 2.

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