Huckabee, Perkins, Bauer Threaten To Leave GOP Because Of Gay Marriage

Mike Huckabee, a fundamentalist Christian who has his regular talk show on FOX News, has taken time out of explaining how school killings are due to the lack of God, to enlighten us on the real problem within the GOP. They might be ok with being gay. Huckabee was joined by crazy man Tony Perkins who heads the bitchy Family Research Council (FRC) and soon to be forgotten Gary Bauer who main goal in life is to make gays second class citizens with his National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

The threat made by all 3 men is that if the Republican party for some reason accepts homosexuals for the dastardly sin of making their own individual choices, that they will leave the GOP and form a new party, a 3rd party for evangelical Christians to feel confident about. I say go ahead, see how that works.

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The Tea Party Problem

Now I have written about the Tea Party several times and some of the ass backwards thought processes they have, but I also do agree with some of their views and thoughts in principle. What I agree with is that government should be transparent, that civil liberties should be restored and that government needs to get its hands off certain things. I also agree that Obamacare is a very stuffed piece of legislation, necessary though it is. Where they lose me is by refusing, at all, to be moderate or to work with liberals or democrats at all. It is what coined the Tea Party as the party of no. With darlings like Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio they feel like they have taken it to the establishment of the GOP and showed them that they, the Tea Party, mean business. What they have really done in retrospect, is decimate their own political goals using a mixture of cut and paste and smash and grab.

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Somehow Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich Are Now “Progressives”

In an interesting turn of political events, we have come to this. Tea Partyists are quickly taking up arms against Republicans that they deem not Conservative enough. Chris Christie, a governor who is brash, has been criticized and campaigned against because he responded to President Obama favorably instead of with disdain after the hurricane. Instead of rallying around a candidate like Christie, who could more than likely win the Presidency as he is a Conservative, but an open minded one, who appeals across the board.

Then to add even more to this comedy show that is becoming the Tea Party, they have now labeled Newt Gingrich a Progressive. Not only is he not Progressive, he is about as Conservative as it comes, yet because he has talked bad about the Tea Party, rightfully so at that, he is now an enemy. The Tea Party is quickly becoming cannibalistic.

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Why The Tea Party Are Not The Patriots They Want You To Think They Are

The Tea Party, a weird assortment of angry republicans that refuse to get behind any representative that is willing to work with a democrat, namely Barack Obama, has founded itself on the connection to the Tea Party of the 1700’s. They were fighting tyranny! Right? That’s what they state at least. But in reality (something they tend to avoid) there is not just no connection between the two, but they are in fact absolutely opposite to the T.

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Republicans Just Played Right Into Obama And The Democrats Hands

I don’t have any grey area when it comes to my disdain for both parties here in the United States, but to me the GOP is the worst. No not because of their conservative ideology, I agree with some of it, but because they play the fear, religion and race card more than anyone else. After Romney took an ass kicking in the presidential election and walking human-ham hybrid Karl Rove had a literal meltdown on FOX during the results I quickly realized that the GOP had fallen in the trap set by Obama and the Democrats. It was the same thing that Rove and the Bush Republicans did in the early 2000’s to the Democrats. It’s the old, how does your own medicine taste deal. How do the Republicans like it? Not at all and they still don’t even get it.

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Here We Go Over the Fiscal Cliff

Well since all of our politicians have their heads up their asses, we are headed over this so called fiscal cliff. Now if they wanted they could repeal the little mandatory cuts and tax increases that are in effect in the beginning of 2013 by just… you know… saying they are no longer happening. That simple. Instead we have a bathroom sword fight going on between the President and the House of Representatives. John Boehner (Boner… still funny) attempted to initiate a vote on his “Plan B” to avoid the cliff, but it failed. It failed so much in part because he couldn’t even get his own party to back it. So why? Why is Boehner looking so bad, why are Republicans again doing absolutely nothing and where is Obama in all of this?

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Ohio: The Political Battleground of America

Unless you are Amish or avoid all entertainment provisions, you know about the political spectrum in America. Regardless of where you live, you know that the good ol’ USA is ripe with politicians who love to use key words and talking points such as:

  • American People (makes us feel united right?!)
  • Obamacare (Affordable Health Care Act)
  • Death Tax (actually the Estate tax)
  • Job Creators (rich people who pay bare-minimum wage)
  • Taxes (non-inflation based tax increases don’t really exist)
  • Unions (apparently evil despite making minimum wage, overtime, health care, paid holidays and maternity leave for workers mandatory to a degree)
  • God (should never be involved in politics ever, the Lord does not shape policy nor have an economy…unless your the Catholic Church)
  • Obamaphone (a policy actually created by the GOP lord himself Ronald Regan)
  • Elitists (me apparently…rocking my barely livable wage)
  • Liberal (Satan incarnate)
  • Ayn Rand (wrote a fictional novel that became a GOP bible…wtf?)
  • Bailout (saving the super-wealthy all while explaining it was to save jobs, despite most of these companies hiring no one or exporting their labor)
  • Senate Bill 5 (Gov Kasich’s failed anti-union legislation)

Ok so now that we have those talking points up there, let us check on 3 people in general. Secretary of State for Ohio John Hustead, Governor John Kasich, and State Treasurer Josh Mandel. These 3 men are by all accounts, are both very corrupt and very ignorant.

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