Ruining Resident Evil One Movie/Game at a Time

The real battle is sitting through this.

Have you seen the most recent Resident Evil flick? No? Good. I gave up on this movie franchise years and movies ago. Hell I am nearly done with the damn game series that started it all. It truly pains me to be honest like that because I love the Resident Evil story. The characters, enemies, weapons, plots and twists that were contained within each game were amazing and spawned a lot of great games outside of the RE franchise (think Silent Hill, Dino Crisis). There comes a point though where you do too much, you dig too deep and essentially try too hard. That is what we have seen with the entire Resident Evil movie series and the recent installations of the game series. It pains me, but they need to stop. They need to let this franchise end temporarily and here’s why.

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Quick Hits: Call of Duty (All of Them) and Why It Sucks

I m not a fan of the Call of Duty franchise.

I do enjoy a good FPS with a solid or at least interesting  story (Resistance, Halo, Haze, Bioshock) that makes me think and work toward a collective goal and OFFERS the ability to enhance my experience with online play. I dislike strictly online games that are not MMO’s.

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