Headline Game Reviews Are Laughably Bad

I know that it seems a bit… humorous for myself, a game reviewer, to complain about reviews. That it seems I am possibly going against my own reviews to a degree. If you check out my Call of Duty: Black Ops II review you will see that I gave it credit for what it was, an online game, but disliked it for the same reasons. I gave it credit on futuristic weapons and the like, but scathed its half-assed story and characters.

My whole point here is my major problem with Game Informer. GI, the lengthy arm of Gamestop review juggernaut that most people look at as generally laughable. My problem with Game Informer isn’t their reviews as much as it is their inconsistency. Allow me to elaborate.

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Quick Hits: Madden 13 Rolls Out Patch That Should Have Been There Anyway

Madden 13 has issued yet ANOTHER patch to ANOTHER Madden game. Before we talk about the patch itself let me just say that I played this Madden 13 and I hated it. It is regressed. Madden 12 ran circles around it. The players feel fake, they still want to act like “Gameflow” was a great idea which it wasn’t, because if it was they wouldn’t have made a patch TO RESTORE MY ABILITY TO CHOOSE MY OWN DAMN PLAY. I mean really what is the point of calling a play where you don’t even know what routes are being run or where your running back is running the ball? I mean yeah online you can check it, but why show your routes to your friend sitting next to you? They know how you play and will probably try to jump one of them or stuff the area your RB is about to run forth.

So anyway here are the patch updates, fixes and add ons that SHOULD have been in the original $59.99 game.

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