Headline Game Reviews Are Laughably Bad

I know that it seems a bit… humorous for myself, a game reviewer, to complain about reviews. That it seems I am possibly going against my own reviews to a degree. If you check out my Call of Duty: Black Ops II review you will see that I gave it credit for what it was, an online game, but disliked it for the same reasons. I gave it credit on futuristic weapons and the like, but scathed its half-assed story and characters.

My whole point here is my major problem with Game Informer. GI, the lengthy arm of Gamestop review juggernaut that most people look at as generally laughable. My problem with Game Informer isn’t their reviews as much as it is their inconsistency. Allow me to elaborate.

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Video Game Attack Reviews: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a game that has a troubled and long past while in development. Originally conceived over 10 years ago for the Xbox, it has been pushed back nearly as long asĀ Duke Nukem was and we all know how that ended up. So through all of that Aliens had a nice one up on what Duke Nukem presented, a solid demo. Playing the demo some time ago (seriously a long while ago) gave me some hope for this long awaited game. The guns were kick ass, the tracker system was simple and effective and the Xenomorphs felt scary and refined. Did they make it just as good with the final product? Well…

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