NFL Free Agency Info And Possible Destinations

With NFL free agency coming faster than The Catholic Church picking a Pope, we can now get all aboard the speculation train. In light of that here is a run down of cap space for each team as well as the top 50 free agents per NFL Trade Rumors.

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NFL Season In Review

The Ravens are the crowned champions and a lot of 49er fans are distraught (including my roommate). Since the Superbowl is over now, we have one last¬†vestige to look forward to as pro football fans. The NFL Draft. So let us get the run down on where each team has ended the season… from best to worst.

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Not Only Is Ray Lewis Far From The Best Middle Linebacker of All Time, He Is The Most Overrated Defensive Player In NFL History

The Baltimore Ravens have won Superbowl 47 and did it with exactly the opposite style that the Ravens generally have been. They did it offensively. Joe Flacco played out of his mind and is now alongside Joe Montana as the only quarterbacks to ever throw 11 TDs with 0 INTs. Joe Flacco played out of his mind all playoffs and is he getting credit? Kind of. He got the MVP trophy, but everyone keeps wanting to babble on about Ray Lewis this Ray Lewis that. I’m not doubting that Lewis brings an energy to his team, nor do I doubt his skill level or ability, but to say this guy is not just one of, but is THE best linebacker of all time is an absolute joke and travesty.

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No Tebow Is Still Not Better Than Manning

If there is one thing I have extreme disdain for it is spiders, but also for apologists. Manning and the Broncos went down to the Ravens 38-35 and ever since then all I hear is how Tebow would have won that game. I cannot scoff and laugh enough at that statement. One radio personality last night I was listening to even had the balls to call Manning the successor to Tebow… this is getting to be too much.

If you have kept up with me you know I think that Tebow’s skill set is useful and intriguing, but he is NOT a quarterback in the NFL. No matter how much you want it he cannot defeat a legitimate top 5 team which, in the playoffs you have to do at least twice. Many of the passes Manning made last night were passes that Tebow couldn’t even make with no defense on the field. How is it Manning’s fault what happened? Cause he threw an interception at a bad time, true i’ll give you that, but how did Champ Bailey play? How was the entire secondary for the Broncos? What about their pass rush? My point is this game was a defensive fail, not something Tebow could fix with his inaccurate passing and reliance on running.

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Sweet Bar-B-Que Moses! Jadeveon Clowney Destroyed Vincent Smith

Jadeveon Clowney, a future top pick in the NFL, absolutely obliterated Michigan’s Vincent Smith. He hit him so hard he became a Junior again. Seriously Smith’s family felt that forceful hit. This is the top hit of 2012 in all of football period. I could watch this video literally all day.

Why The Browns Should Take A Chance On Chip Kelly

Black Monday has come to pass and The Browns, again, fired a head coach. The problem is they keep getting the unknown or the overrated head coach. They, under Lerner, never really took a chance on someone fresh that could do something big. Their biggest splash was Eric Mangini fresh from his firing from the Jets after an abysmal season that ended with a miss at a playoff run and an injured Brett Favre who would end up in Minnesota.

I keep hearing how Kelly should go the the Eagles and they fit his style and the Browns don’t. I find this funny considering they keep pointing out the lack of talent to fit Kelly’s style in Cleveland… yet it doesn’t exist in Philly either. Yes, McCoy is speedy, but Foles has no connection with Jackson nor Maclin. I believe that Josh Gordon is close to the speed that Jackson has and Maclin is injury prone. The Browns should pull the trigger, here’s why.

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Yes, Tebow Refusing To Play For The Jets Is In Fact A Story

I have recently read several articles either condemning Tim Tebow for refusing to play in the Jets or telling people to leave him be and that it is going too far. Both sides are claiming to be right and both have merit, but what is a fact is that this is a story because of who Tebow claims to be. While I understand that Tebow has been criticized for some asinine things (personal choices, religion), he loses that when he brings those into the field and wields them as a righteous sword that both he and his literal followers use as a reasoning to why he should be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

What Tebow did (yes, despite a second hand source he did) was basically refuse to play. Tebow did one of the most un-Tebow things you can do. Despite ESPN reporting Tebow did not request this, the length of time it took coupled with Rex Ryan refusing to acknowledge it shows differently. Add on that Jeremy Kerley ran it against the Chargers and as if to make us all laugh, threw a touchdown in Tebow’s place. What I question is, does Tebow know the reality yet or is he also diluted?

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Contrary to Belief 2nd String Quarterbacks are Important

Batch… cannot throw anymore.

If you’ve been watching the NFL season unfold lately you have undoubtedly noticed many evident truths as we are passing mid-season. Adrian Peterson is a beast, Andrew Luck is the truth, RG3 is nasty good, Peyton is Peyton again, Brady Smash and most evident of all, back-up quarterbacks are really damn important.

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The Browns Made a Blunder Not Trading for Robert Griffin III

RG3 is a new-age versatile QB

After watching the quarterback clinic that Robert Griffin III pulled off in his first Thanksgiving day game I feel it makes sense to point out that skipping on a single pick that the Redskins wanted was a huge mistake for Cleveland. RG3 lit up the Cowboys defense going 20-28 for 311 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT. He was sacked 4 times, mostly during the Cowboys attempt at a comeback where the Redskins offense stalled. Griffin III was on fire most of the game though and so far through the season has proved to be elusive, but errs on the side of safety. He avoids taking big hits as often as possible, they are not always avoidable, but he does his best to not force himself to run the ball. He is a quarterback unlike Michael Vick when he came out of college. Watching his season unfold in front of our eyes shows me simply, the Browns made a mistake.

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Pollsters: Worst NFL Team of the Decade

Ok so we can easily point out futility this year (i.e. NY Jets), but as a whole for the previous decade, who was the worst team of the decade to you? The top-5 teams of the previous decade are as follows: (Numbers based between 2000-2010)

  1. New England Patriots – .714 winning percentage / 4 SB appearances with 3 SB wins.
  2. Indianapolis Colts –¬† .709 winning percentage / 2 SB appearances with 1 SB win.
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers – .654 winning percentage / 2 SB appearances with 2 SB wins.
  4. Philadelphia Eagles – .649 winning percentage / 1 SB appearance with 0 SB wins.
  5. Green Bay Packers – .594 winning percentage / 0 SB appearances with 0 SB wins (this changed with Rodgers obviously).

So now here are your options for the worst team of the previous decade minus the Houston Texans who were only created in 2002.

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