The Tea Party Problem

Now I have written about the Tea Party several times and some of the ass backwards thought processes they have, but I also do agree with some of their views and thoughts in principle. What I agree with is that government should be transparent, that civil liberties should be restored and that government needs to get its hands off certain things. I also agree that Obamacare is a very stuffed piece of legislation, necessary though it is. Where they lose me is by refusing, at all, to be moderate or to work with liberals or democrats at all. It is what coined the Tea Party as the party of no. With darlings like Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio they feel like they have taken it to the establishment of the GOP and showed them that they, the Tea Party, mean business. What they have really done in retrospect, is decimate their own political goals using a mixture of cut and paste and smash and grab.

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Why Are Conservative Pundits Crying Foul on the GOP Denouncing Grover Norquist?

So now the punocracy is complaining about GOP members reneging on their “pledge” to Grover Norquist to never raise taxes. Norquist is a mouthpiece for several lobbying firms and is the President of Americans for Tax Reform, which is funny considering it should be called, Americans against Taxes in General.

Professional Human/Badger Hybrid

Norquist for decades now has been essentially forcing GOP nominees to sign off on this ass-backwards anti-taxes in general pledge. With Lindsay Graham (aged Ellen Degeneres) and Saxby Chambliss (awesome name) dropping off this pledge in light of the overplayed fiscal cliff talk, it has brought a new GOP view to head. Can the GOP survive with their old world “party of no” style they did with Clinton and with Obama in his first term? Obama won in a landslide and the GOP lost Senate seats among some House seats of importance, yet with trillions in debt and the lowest taxes in decades, raising taxes on the top 2%-5% of income earners is just so awful to think about. This is the thought of Norquist a Harvard educated man who himself uses plenty of “entitlements” to line his own pockets.

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