Headline Game Reviews Are Laughably Bad

I know that it seems a bit… humorous for myself, a game reviewer, to complain about reviews. That it seems I am possibly going against my own reviews to a degree. If you check out my Call of Duty: Black Ops II review you will see that I gave it credit for what it was, an online game, but disliked it for the same reasons. I gave it credit on futuristic weapons and the like, but scathed its half-assed story and characters.

My whole point here is my major problem with Game Informer. GI, the lengthy arm of Gamestop review juggernaut that most people look at as generally laughable. My problem with Game Informer isn’t their reviews as much as it is their inconsistency. Allow me to elaborate.

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Chuck Grassley Is A F–King Moron

“Where is the artistic value of shooting innocent victims?” Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)

This quote is the exact problem with politicians today and by that I mean politicians that were born in 1933, which Chuck Grassley was. How is Senator Grassley, a 79 year old man, going to comment on video games when more than likely he has not played a single damn game. Maybe Pong, but he then said it was a fad and went back to reading about deregulation.

Everything f–ked up and annoying is encompassed within Senator Grassley’s bullsh-t laden speech about gun control issues. Again dodging gun control problems that do need fixed (such as auditing of gun stores inventory is not required) and blaming it on entertainment based things. If Senator Grassley wasn’t a dumbass who had interns write his speech’s and read a few articles or hell even reviews on these games that involve guns, he would quickly realize a vast majority of them (if not all) do not have you killing what he deems innocent victims, but have you killing an enemy, be it of the state or of your personal character. Video game culture is not to blame, politician culture, Chuck Grassley’s culture is to blame.

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I’m Done Playing First Person Shooters

Seriously, I cannot comprehend this

Here in America FPS games tend to rule both purchasing power as well as the online community. From Halo to Call of Duty it seems to be a majority of what people are playing competitively save the first 2 months of Madden and NCAA Football. I enjoyed playing Halo 4 and I did buy it when it came out, but I have reached a point where I am just finished with it.

I enjoy the senseless violence just like any 24 year old college guy and it can be a fantastic waste of hours playing online with a group of friends, but the hidden cost is what ends it for me. Look at games like Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it has DLC that comes out over the span of months to even a year, but the game itself it complete. They come up with new ideas as well as additional storylines that would enhance the gaming experience. I have no problem paying a bit of extra coin to gain extra weapons, armor, quests and generally between 10-25 more hours of game play. What Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Halo 4 and Battlefield 3 have done is take a game and essentially steal your money and I personally, am done with it.

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The NRA Blames Video Games and Generally Looks Insane

Well there it is people, the NRA has officially come up with a response (after 1 week) to the killings at Sandy Hook. Do they talk about how mental health is an issue that needs helped instead of criminalized? No. Do they take partial responsibility for gun advocacy that is bordering on a walking militia at all times? No. Do they say that assault rifles and extended clips  should have more regulation and people need to relax and not spend billions on weapons, ammo and body armor? No. What they do instead is blame television, radio, video games, mental illness and say all of our schools… ALL of them, need to have armed guards at all times. The NRA is literally f–king insane.

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Video Game Attack Reviews: Call of Duty Black Ops 2

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Well it is finally here! Call of Duty Black Ops 2 did that thing that CoD games have done since CoD: Modern Warfare 2 where they basically crash the entire damn internet cause 800,000 players want to log on and play now. Black Ops 2 has been highly anticipated for both the multiplayer and the zombies of coarse, but a legitimate question is how is the campaign? Everyone (including myself) has criticized Activision for making a game that literally focused solely on online multiplayer, don’t get me wrong I love online, but I do want to see effort on the storyline. With rival Halo 4 out and having a more concrete storyline to work with and solid online as well, Black Ops 2 needed a bit more bang and it delivered, while leaving you more interested.

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Video Game Attack Reviews: Halo 4

Halo 4 has finally come out and after getting rave reviews (9’s and 10’s across the board) everyone is doing 2 things:

  1. How is the game play and graphics?
  2. Should I get this or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?

After playing through the entire campaign (Wow this game series actually has a storyline!) and getting acclimated to the new Promethean weapons, as well as the upgraded UNSC weapons (shotgun and DMR = SEXY) I was ready to jump into the online multiplayer. Now for this review I will do it piece by piece, just to make it easier… and honestly in case all you give a damn about is how the multiplayer is then you can just scroll to the bottom and be done with it. Halo 4 which was given to 343 Industries after Bungie separated from Microsoft and I have to say… damn 343 Industries didn’t just nail it, they obliterated it.

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Quick Hits: Call of Duty (All of Them) and Why It Sucks

I m not a fan of the Call of Duty franchise.

I do enjoy a good FPS with a solid or at least interesting  story (Resistance, Halo, Haze, Bioshock) that makes me think and work toward a collective goal and OFFERS the ability to enhance my experience with online play. I dislike strictly online games that are not MMO’s.

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