NFL Free Agency Info And Possible Destinations

With NFL free agency coming faster than The Catholic Church picking a Pope, we can now get all aboard the speculation train. In light of that here is a run down of cap space for each team as well as the top 50 free agents per NFL Trade Rumors.

Cap space by each team:

49ers $3,638,717
  Bears $4,201,205
  Bengals $45,273,805
  Bills $19,927,814
  Broncos $9,175,605
  Browns $46,622,155
  Buccaneers $32,872,205
  Cardinals $8,792,669
  Chargers $11,716,511
  Chiefs $16,859,196
  Colts $43,544,252
  Cowboys ($5,656,268)
  Dolphins $36,578,906
  Eagles $32,440,721
  Falcons $21,294,151
  Giants $10,332,113
  Jaguars $32,037,364
  Jets $8,186,238
  Lions $8,566,876
  Packers $20,640,927
  Panthers $7,100,452
  Patriots $25,369,201
  Raiders $8,767,622
  Rams $11,979,489
  Ravens $12,664,866
  Redskins ($3,392,362)
  Saints ($1,097,680)
  Seahawks $17,072,219
  Steelers $1,781,279
  Texans $7,842,693
  Titans $18,596,942
  Vikings $18,031,304

First thing that is scary is the amount of cash that the Patriots and Packers have. They can secure areas that need securing nicely and affordably. The Colts, Browns and Bengals are sitting on over $40+ million each with cap space which can fix many holes that need fixed. For the Colts, a younger receiver corps, younger defense and maybe another offensive linemen. For the Browns… well… everything to be a dick about it. The Bengals need a new owner, but I mean… that is a bit out of the price range.

The Saints, Steelers and Cowboys are hurting especially when all 3 teams are missing major pieces. The Cardinals somehow only have $8M to their cap, the Raiders hilariously still haven’t cut Carson Palmer or traded for Mark Sanchez yet. We all have dreams… mine is that Palmer, Leinart and Sanchez are all on one team called the “Professional USC Pick 6 Squad.”

Now let’s look at the top 50 free agents for 2013

Rank Player Team Pos. Age Status
1 . Mike Wallace PIT WR 27 F
2 . Cliff Avril DET DE 26 F
3 . Greg Jennings GB WR 29
4 . Paul Kruger BAL OLB 27
5 . Sebastian Vollmer NE OT 28
6 . Dashon Goldson SF S 28 F
7 . Andy Levitre BUF G 27
8 . Michael Bennett TB DE 27
9 . Jake Long MIA OT 28
10 . Andre Smith CIN OT 26
11 . Aqib Talib TB CB 27
12 . Wes Welker NE WR 32 F
13 . Sean Smith MIA CB 26
14 . Jared Cook TEN TE 26
15 . Jermon Bushrod NO OT 29
16 . Tony Gonzalez ATL TE 37
17 . Danny Amendola STL WR 27
18 . Martellus Bennett NYG TE 26
19 . Steven Jackson STL RB 30
20 . Louis Vasquez SD G 26
21 . Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie PHI CB 27
22 . Philip Wheeler OAK OLB 28
23 . Desmond Bryant OAK DT 27
24 . Glover Quin HOU S 27
25 . Dannell Ellerbe BAL ILB 27
26 . Louis Delmas DET S 26
27 . Phil Loadholt MIN OT 27
28 . Chris Houston DET CB 28
29 . Brent Grimes ATL CB 30 F
30 . Kenny Phillips NYG S 26
31 . Gosder Cherilus DET OT 29
32 . Osi Umenyiora NYG DE 31
33 . Alan Branch SEA DT 28
34 . Dwight Freeney IND DE/OLB 33
35 . Dustin Keller NYJ TE 28
36 . Ed Reed BAL S 34
37 . Reggie Bush MIA RB 28
38 . Daryl Smith JAX OLB 31
39 . Keenan Lewis PIT CB 27
40 . Connor Barwin HOU OLB 26
41 Ricky Jean-Francois SF DT 26
42 . Derek Cox JAC CB 26
43 Eric Winston KC OT 29
44 . LaRon Landry NYJ S 28
45 . Fred Davis WAS TE 27 F
46 . Mike DeVito NYJ DE 29
47 . Ahmad Bradshaw NYG RB 27
48 . Adam Jones CIN CB 29
49 Delanie Walker SF TE 29
50 . Antwan Barnes SD OLB 28

Of the top 50 FA’s this year a few stand out more than others:

Mike Wallace seems to be all but signed with the Dolphins, who smartly are trying to give weapons to their rookie quarterback. The Browns don’t seem to understand this concept.

Cliff Avril will make like employment and get the hell out of Detroit. He will more than likely head more toward the money and Cleveland is looking for a pass rusher and has a crap ton of cap space. Falcons could be in play too if they make the moves to open cap space.

Greg Jennings is high here because he will be affordable. Having injury issues and being nearly 30 will lower his price tag. If healthy he is a solid option, but keyword “if.”  Could be a Patriot or head to Baltimore to take over for Anquan Boldin.

Paul Kruger this is the fall back for teams that either cannot sign Avril or don’t want to spend that much. The Browns have a lot of cash to throw around and can outspend basically anyone who is interested in Kruger. He will get somewhere around $10M or so per year.

Sebastian Vollmer is probably headed back to NE, but anything can happen. Look at the Dolphins, Browns or Bengals to make a move too.

DaShon Goldson might end up staying in San Fran, but he could be lead away with money and that is not a luxury that the 49ers currently have. Safety market is confusingly stacked this off-season.

Andy Levitre is the best guard to hit the market in quite awhile. A pass happy offense will look to sign him as he is a better pass blocker than run blocker. The Pats may pick to sign Levitre and shuffle button their o-line to fix it if Levitre ends up being cheaper.

Michael Bennett wants to stay in Tampa Bay and has stated he will let the Bucs match any offer sheet he gets. There is a good chance he stays in Tampa Bay. Colts may take a swing at him though.

Jake Long is coming off an injured season and has gone from a top tier linemen to a risky sign. Everyone looks at him and asks why the Fins let him go, because it had to be for a reason. The Pats, Bengals, Colts and Browns may be interested in his services. He has a good market if he accepts a reasonable offer sheet.

Andre Smith is the riskiest pick to me because of his personal issues and lazy issues. He did great in 2012, but it was also a contract year. Be warned if you sign him, you will want to include incentives mostly.

Aqib Talib has a past and personal issues out the ass, but damn he is talented. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Pats resign him, but also the Seahawks or Bengals to go for him too. Eagles or Chiefs may go for it and load his contract with incentives to protect themselves.

Wes Welker can get as pissy as he wants, but his only home and money is in New England. Don’t be a dumbass Wes.

Tony Gonzalez is apparently signing for one more year with the Falcons for $7M or so per year.

Steven Jackson wants a ring so that limits his options. I think a likely destination is Denver or Washington. Baltimore is a possibility, but with a weak defense returning I don’t think he will look at it favorably. The Broncos and Redskins seemed the best fit right now.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is fast, but not physical. He will still be a good #2 corner somewhere and his destination is pretty up in the air. Money, guaranteed money specifically will be the biggest factor to his signing.

Dannell Ellerbe is the other leaving linebacker from the Ravens. He did really well during the Superbowl run and at 27 is in his peak years. Cleveland is apparently already talking to him and the Bengals have some interest. The Colts and Jets may be in the running as well.

Osi Umenyiora is in the final years of his career which will both hurt and help him. It gives him vast employment opportunities, but limits his paycheck. Most NFL teams will be somewhat interested.

Dwight Freeney: See Osi Umenyiora.

Reggie Bush is extremely underrated to me. He has proven he can be a feature back to a degree and there are a few teams that could use him. The Bengals, Falcons, Colts, 49ers and Cardinals could be interested. He is worth the money if his contract is around $5M a year.

Any other players you think should be discussed? Comment below.

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