Somehow Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich Are Now “Progressives”

In an interesting turn of political events, we have come to this. Tea Partyists are quickly taking up arms against Republicans that they deem not Conservative enough. Chris Christie, a governor who is brash, has been criticized and campaigned against because he responded to President Obama favorably instead of with disdain after the hurricane. Instead of rallying around a candidate like Christie, who could more than likely win the Presidency as he is a Conservative, but an open minded one, who appeals across the board.

Then to add even more to this comedy show that is becoming the Tea Party, they have now labeled Newt Gingrich a Progressive. Not only is he not Progressive, he is about as Conservative as it comes, yet because he has talked bad about the Tea Party, rightfully so at that, he is now an enemy. The Tea Party is quickly becoming cannibalistic.

Now I may have liberal views, but I prefer to have a healthy political system. No one party should control everything, usually when that happens we all lose (see GW Bush presidency part 1). The funny thing is that the mastermind of the Bush presidency, Karl Rove, has found a new and terrifying enemy in the Tea Party. He used to be able to rely on those who have joined the Tea Party to vote GOP all the way, but now with a near 50/50 split within party lines, it has made Rove public enemy number 1 within the party itself.

Rove has been blamed for numerous things by the Tea Party, some rightfully and some out of pure spite for the loss against Obama. What does hold up, is that Rove is having to fight a fight he never predicted, and if you have read about Rovian politics you understand that he is a man who likes to be 3 moves ahead in chess terminology. Rove and his Super PAC have never had to fight what it becoming a political civil war. The reason that the GOP lost Senate seats is because Tea Party candidates and GOP candidates were different and split their electorate, thus were unable to focus on getting independent voters.

The amazing thing to me is that somehow, because both Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich have lost the blessing of the Tea Party and their mouth pieces, they have been branded everything from Communists to Progressives. It has become the ultimate, “if you aren’t with us, you’re against us” political battle in my lifetime. We have seen political differences between ideologies, but rarely do you see a single ideology split and begin battling itself. Usually coexistence is achievable as it was with Liberal and Progressive ideology, but this is a fierce and angry group; one that seems determined to force its views on America regardless of the amount of information and polling that says most Americans disagree with Tea Party values and views them as homophobic, racist and insensitive.

My favorite thing I always hear is that America needs to return to traditional values. The word tradition is a sad and elderly word to me. When I hear tradition, I hear yesteryear, I hear what was instead of what is coming. The Tea Party wants to return to traditional values, yet will not specify what that means besides stating they basically just want Ronald Reagan back. Well he is dead and his policies would not work today. The problem is when you have a bunch of 50+ year old white people saying they want their America back, you scare Hispanics and blacks. Traditional America to them involves hate, burning crosses, hoses, dogs, pickets, beatings, arrests and racial remarks. Returning to traditional America means returning to that, and like it or not, that is exactly what you sound like when you say you want to return to traditional. You sound like an old racist xenophobic and homophobic bigot.

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