Why The Tea Party Are Not The Patriots They Want You To Think They Are

The Tea Party, a weird assortment of angry republicans that refuse to get behind any representative that is willing to work with a democrat, namely Barack Obama, has founded itself on the connection to the Tea Party of the 1700’s. They were fighting tyranny! Right? That’s what they state at least. But in reality (something they tend to avoid) there is not just no connection between the two, but they are in fact absolutely opposite to the T.

The condescending nature of the Tea Party is simply explained by Thom Hartmann,

“Instead, the purpose of the Tea Act was to give the East India Company full and unlimited access to the American tea trade and to exempt the company from having to pay taxes to Britain on tea exported to the American colonies. It even gave the company a tax refund on millions of pounds of tea that it was unable to sell and holding in inventory.”

The Boston Tea Party was a rebellion against corporatist regulation that allowed itself to work unchecked. The King as well as many of the nobles owned stock in the East India Company, so the reduction of tax burden as well as decrease in costs and increase in profits skyrocketed the stock, especially because it was the only Tea in America due to running the competition into the ground.

Fast forward to now, to the Tea Party of the 2000’s. The entire organization is funded by Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works, both organizations founded and funded by the billionaire Koch brothers. The Tea Partiers, just simple everyday people, then go out and attack democrats, attack Barack Obama, citing too much regulation, too much taxation, not enough jobs. Do they know who owns their organization? Who in fact, captains their ship? The reason the Tea Party was always made fun of is because their entire base of voters and supporters, are older and white. I’d venture to say that greater than 90% of their supporters are white and above 40 years of age. The point of it is the lack of diversity in a very diverse American culture.

Tea Partiers liken themselves to the Boston Tea Party and do it in name only. They claim that it is founded upon “No Taxation Without Representation”, but have they actually studied the Boston Tea Party and the facts behind it? Hell it took me 10 minutes to find that quote by Hartmann and cross reference it a few times to make sure it is an accurate statement. The simple way to put it is no. The over used words, “low-information voter” tend to come from right wing mouthpieces and the Tea Party backers. Basically what they say is, “if you disagree with us, you are a low-information voter.” Those sort of statements show how absurd and close minded that Tea Party is.

The Tea Party has also single-handedly decimated the entire Republican party as a whole. It was easiest to tell from the GOP nomination situation (rhythm for flavor there) and how each week bred a new favorite. From psychopath “pray the gay away” Michelle Bachmann to “let me show you a real sausage” Herman “999!” Cain everyone got their shot. Hell even Newt Gingrich, a horrible human being, was considered the front runner till everyone realized this guy makes Che look like a humanitarian. They decided to settle on Mitt Romney because he was the easiest to influence because his entire political career was what everyone told him to be. They figured they would sell it with dashing Cody Rhondes errr I mean Paul Ryan.

Unfortunately for them Paul Ryan has little to no mic skills. He is the opposite of Chris Jericho or The Rock (so many WWE references). He bombed and neither of the GOP hopefuls carried their respective states. It was a political bloodbath and the Tea Party was at the core. Because they are unwilling to put anyone up that is willing to work with democrats they narrow their field to a bunch of YES men. They keep moving the Republican party from the middle, where they need to move towards, to the furthest right possible. Current Republicans, like John Boehner, are so unwilling to find compromise because the Tea Party will vilify them. You want to know why the democrats have not feared the GOP or Tea Party since it became big in 2007-2008? They divided their own agenda and made it easier to defeat.

Think of it in the sense of an African savanna. Several cheetahs run towards a large group of gazelles causing the group to haul ass and disperse. In the group many stragglers branch off and become targeted by the group of cheetahs. They bring these stragglers down and enjoy their meal. How does this make sense? Those stragglers are the Republicans that the Tea Party doesn’t like and they then have no backing from anyone else besides non-Tea Party GOP supporters. The rest of the group runs with each other, but is never willing to negotiate or work with the other side. That is the downfall of the Tea Party. The inherent weakness of having a party that is split down the middle. You just made it easier for democrats to reinforce their base, add to it and expand their influence to new, young and diverse voters.

Things that the Tea Party fights for, religious beliefs in politics, completely free enterprise, little to no taxation, reduction of regulation, increase in oil and natural gas output, and a return to traditional values. What they say are “traditional values” tends to be obscure, but for the most part you can think of it as a return to the 50’s 60’s and 70’s along with their personal god-king Ronald Reagan. The reason the Tea Party has hindered so much is because they do not support change, any kind of change. No rights for gays, immigrants, or labor unions. No working or compromising with other parties, no allowing a godless America to exist and no non-Christians in any office despite the Establishment Clause.

These people alienate everyone that isn’t a white god fearing American and then wonder why they cannot win elections? Now they are latching onto Marco Rubio. They like that he is Hispanic with their values and they think he can bring in the growing Hispanic vote. The problem is when it comes to immigration he either helps what they perceive as his people or he alienates them and loses badly. The Republicans do not want him, the Tea Party does. Right now the Tea Party gets all the press wanted because of FOX News and Glenn Beck, the old school Repubs still listen to Rush Limbaugh and like it or not this is a culture war within a political party. There is very little they can do to fix it, they will eventually figure out that alienating groups of people will soon end their chances of ever winning outside of southern strongholds. Until then, they will keep pushing the same story with a different character.

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