Why The Public Was So Supportive Of Chris Dorner

Now that Chris Dorner is proclaimed dead (still not sure yet) everyone is asking why the hell the public was so supportive of a man who killed in cold blood? Why would people across America, especially in Los Angeles, support a man who was essentially pulling off his own impersonation of The Punisher? It seems counter productive for the public to be ok with what is basically a vigilante, but when you read between the lines and the bullshit, it quickly becomes obvious to why people supported him. They fear and don’t trust the LAPD or law enforcement in general.

Ask yourself this:

Were any regular citizens of Los Angeles afraid of Dorner?

The answer is an emphatic no. No one was because citizens were not on his kill list. He reportedly held 2 people hostage a few days ago, did not hurt them, and then left. This man was not a psychopathic killer as the media outlets want you to believe, he was concise, calculated and knew exactly what he was doing. He knew he was going to die, the LAPD was not going to let him live and let the spectacle of his trial air all of their dirty laundry. He knew he was a dead man.

This isn’t a conspiracy, whether he is truly dead or not is, but this whole ordeal is not. The LAPD put millions on his head as a bounty. They knew what he was capable of  as well as that he was specifically going for LAPD staff. He had no interest in killing at random as a gangbanger would because that was not his point. His point was to air what the LAPD really is. A counter productive, hate filled, racist, law breaking group of disturbing power drunk people who could care less about protecting and serving.

Whether or not you believe his manifesto doesn’t matter. Read it and understand that between his personal rhetoric that his first hand accounts carry weight and mean something. You can believe that he is a disturbed man who had vengeance on his mind, and to a degree you are correct, but this man was not a psychopath nor did he kill with no regard. He never took aim at a civilian, that was the LAPD with the itchy trigger finger.

Dorner was a tall bald shaven black male. The LAPD, with this knowledge, as well as the knowledge of the vehicle he was driving, shot at a pair of Hispanic women and a slender white male. The Hispanic women were delivering papers, and instead of just following for a moment and seeing what this truck was doing they nervously fired upon their vehicle instead of waiting to see if they were fired upon. The white male was said to be suspicious because, as the LAPD spokesmen put it, he “seemed to be fleeing the scene.” In other words they got itchy trigger fingers and are so obsessed with silencing Dorner that they were willing to fire and ask questions later. That is what a military is suppose to do, not a police force.

You then raise the question of why aren’t the officers being held liable with their actions? Why are they not being persecuted when any regular citizen with a gun who fired out of fear would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No, they just said sorry and move along sir. The many problems with the LAPD (and many police forces in general) is the double standard. That is what Chris Dorner represented to people. A resistance to the corruption that we all know exists. Most people will not support what he did, killing several people, but his want to expose the LAPD for what it was shows that he didn’t start out volatile.

I do not condone nor support this form of vigilantism, but I understand and comprehend it. I do not support or condone what the LAPD did by showing that their objective was not to bring this man in or keep the people safe, it was to kill him and silence him. You don’t put a multi-million dollar bounty on a man’s head when he has killed less than a local 18 year old gang member. Dorner was after the LAPD, specifically the LAPD, and they were afraid. The didn’t want him to get to Mexico nor did they want him to survive this ordeal. They needed him gone, permanently, Godfather style.

During the stand off, the cabin went up in flames. To show how dead real investigative reporting is in mainstream news, the New York Times wrote, “It was unclear how the fire in the cabin began.” All of this despite being able to clearly hear on the San Bernadino scanner, “We’re gonna go ahead w/the plan w/the burner… Like we talked about.” or “Burn the motherfucker!” which can also be heard quite clearly.

This entire situation is disturbing from all sides. On one side Chris Dorner was disturbed and killed people who by all accounts did nothing seemingly wrong, but he also knew the only way to get to these LAPD officers was to target their family. It is a true comic book fashion for a vigilante to get to his enemy. He didn’t go for the enemy, he went for their family. It was the proverbial anti-Batman style that Dorner went with.

On the other side we have the LAPD. A known corrupt organization (seriously talk to anyone from LA that is a minority) that is drunk on power and abusive to the population. The LAPD attacked anyone recklessly and without abandon that they thought was Dorner or could be him in a vehicle. They showed their true colors again, for only the second time to America since the Rodney King incident and the LA riots. The LAPD is essentially the police department in Super Troopers, a corrupt organization that is a facade and makes deals with criminals. That the beating of homeless people is an accusation (one that has merit) of the LAPD is disgusting. If you respected the LAPD prior to this, you cannot respect them after doing everything they could to kill a whistleblower.

Chris Dorner is not a man to be idolized. His actions were of revenge and anger. What he did was unforgivable and intolerable, but what the LAPD was worse and even more horrifying. Dorner did not kill at random as stated before, the LAPD shot at enough citizens that shirts and car magnets were being used. What if the LAPD had killed innocent civilians because they thought it was Chris Dorner? What if those 2 Hispanic women were killed? Why is it ok for the LAPD to kill at random to “protect the community” but Chris Dorner can’t do essentially the same from his perspective? Chris Dorner is no hero, but the LAPD represents the Helghast Empire and none of us would support an autocratic kill first mentality. The LAPD proved that they have a lot to hide as well as their disregard for civilian safety. They wanted to kill Dorner, not arrest him. The thuggish attitude they presented proves to us that while Dorner was not justified in what he did, the LAPD treated this issue like a game of Grand Theft Auto and had no problem taking out the citizens they are changed to protect. Who really was the cold blooded killer? The LAPD or Dorner? After this, I just don’t know anymore.

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