Pope Calls It Quits

In a move that stunned pretty much everyone, the Pope, the supposed universal mouth piece of the lord himself has decided he cannot do it anymore citing ill health. While this makes sense in other lines of work, it makes little sense in this one. He is the representative of god (apparently) and now he is saying he is so sick that he cannot fulfill his duties as Pope. Please, gag me.

Can he still walk, see, taste, feel, stand, sit and bend? Well he is able to work at the local Vatican WalMart so what is it that is keeping him from his duties? Does he have cancer? No apparently. So what is it? Is he coming down with a difficult case of feeling like a prick for crimes permitted against humanity? Possibly. Let us not forget all the caring and loving things he did and said as a member of the Church.

  • Demonized condoms even when it could help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in places like Africa which tend to be devoutly religious.
  • When documents were leaked about sketchy use of Vatican funds as well as Cardinals corruption Pope Benedict essentially blamed the “communications media” and claimed that the information was all false despite several firings and an investigation laughed by the Pope himself.
  • Quoted Manuel II Palaiologos, a former Byzantine Emperor, in saying that Islam is “evil and inhuman.”

These are of course just a few things. We can also point out that Pope Benedict allowed more information about the Vatican’s bank as well as the lack of transparency, than any other Papacy has ever allowed.

Don’t forget what he did before he was Pope as well. In 1985, he signed a letter that kept a convicted child molesting priest from being defrocked (remove the right to function in a ministry). In 2001 he wrote a letter explaining the Church’s right to keep their molestation investigations internal.

My personal favorite thing he did as Pope was meeting with victims of priest molestation and apologizing repeatedly all while doing nothing to fix the culture he presides over. Is he the first Pope to cover his entire religion and its ignorant willful misuse of power? No, but some day it would be nice for a Pope or even a person in power to attempt to do something about this elderly man’s high school.

Pope Benedict didn’t step down for his health, maybe it was a factor, but definitely not the main reason. Pope John Paul II stayed until the literal end while Benedict is citing his apparent declining health as to why he cannot keep doing his Papal duties. It seems timing is interesting especially with investigations into the Church’s activities both politically as well as his molestation cases. Anyway you look at it, Pope Benedict is one of the most confusing, ill-mannered and openly corrupt Pope’s in recent memory. I wonder who the next Vatican Idol will be?

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