The Bakery Refusing To Bake A Cake For A Gay Couple Is The Definition Of Ignorance

A baker in Oregon refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple based on the grounds that, “marriage is a religious institution ordained by God…” as owner Aaron Klein stated. Klein, like many fearful religious people, plead tolerance of their religious beliefs in these situations. How ironic is that? They plead us to understand and accept their refusal to accept people that are gay because they are gay, while they refuse to accept people who are gay because they are gay. Seriously that is their argument for homophobia. This guy has taken it to a degree that is outlandish and one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

I again need to point out that this guy, along with many talking heads, are complaining, “Why can’t we run our business how we want? We should be able to refuse service to anyone we want! Evil Government! Evil Obama!” That argument is both ignorant and pointless. Yes, you can refuse service to people as you like, but you cannot discriminate based on race, religion sex or sexual preference.

Here in Columbus, Ohio, we had a Late Night Slice pizza truck refuse to serve a man who made a homophobic remark because that was ignorant. That has merit. Aaron Klein refusing to serve a lesbian couple because they are lesbians is no different than refusing to serve blacks because they were black. Why can’t he just put a sign in his window that says, “No gays” and save us all the time, right? The problem is that this is against civil rights. You are refusing service to someone for who they are, not for how they acted or what they wore or what they said, but because of WHO they are.

Do I want him to have his shop closed? No, not at all. He has every right to own his shop and every right to have his convictions, but that does not give him the right to discriminate. When you allow simple discrimination like this, you open the door to someone saying that they don’t want to serve Jews because they killed his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Or the guy who says that all Islamic people are terrorists and he refuses to serve terrorists. This is the avenue you are going down if you ok this kind of behavior.

The same people who preach that they want us to return to the good ole’ days of America are the same who discriminate. The good ole’ days to them are the 1950’s when whites played all the pro sports, blacks had limited rights and segregation was perfectly acceptable. If someone wants to be afraid of gays or blacks or asians for whatever reason that is fine, but realize that you cannot refuse to serve them because of who they are. That is the point in America. We respect each others decisions even if we do not like them. If he wants to refuse them service because they are gay, then maybe I want to refuse him service because he is a xenophobic religious hate monger, but then I would be called an anti-religion, anti-Christian Communist.

Tread lightly with this thought process. The next time you are refused service for being a Christian you will plead tolerance and I truly hope that you understand when I say I morally disagree with who you are, therefore I will not serve you, because that is what happened to this lesbian couple. They are lesbians and because of that, Aaron Klein refused their request. That is called discrimination, not religious freedom.

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