Chuck Grassley Is A F–King Moron

“Where is the artistic value of shooting innocent victims?” Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)

This quote is the exact problem with politicians today and by that I mean politicians that were born in 1933, which Chuck Grassley was. How is Senator Grassley, a 79 year old man, going to comment on video games when more than likely he has not played a single damn game. Maybe Pong, but he then said it was a fad and went back to reading about deregulation.

Everything f–ked up and annoying is encompassed within Senator Grassley’s bullsh-t laden speech about gun control issues. Again dodging gun control problems that do need fixed (such as auditing of gun stores inventory is not required) and blaming it on entertainment based things. If Senator Grassley wasn’t a dumbass who had interns write his speech’s and read a few articles or hell even reviews on these games that involve guns, he would quickly realize a vast majority of them (if not all) do not have you killing what he deems innocent victims, but have you killing an enemy, be it of the state or of your personal character. Video game culture is not to blame, politician culture, Chuck Grassley’s culture is to blame.

Based on his logic this means that games like Sim City or Animal Crossing teach you to help the poor or take loans and pay your debt in however much time you want. In Animal Crossing’s sense it still allows you to buy things that would probably be deemed wasteful spending like a tree. Who needs a tree when you owe money to someone?! Balderdash!

The slope that Grassley is heading down literally has no end. Again another pro-gun advocate that loses credibility by again putting blame on fake guns instead of real guns. Guns aren’t the problem, interactive fake video game guns are to blame!

Few mainstream games allow you to even have the opportunity to kill what you would deem innocent civilians. Besides Fallout and Elder Scrolls there are not many other options, but those games have a story and allow you to make your own personal choices to be good or bad. The problem is you raise the Fallout argument is then you have to point out that swords and bows are used in Elder Scrolls so those consequently would need banning done to them as well. Do you see the ignorant stupid scope you are going down? Blaming video games for sword and archery based death? It gets stupid.

Instead of common sense being used, we again have Republicans like Chuck Grassley, who are saying things about parts of entertainment they cannot even act like they understand. Who does Grassley use to give some sort of credence to his argument? None other than Anders Breivik the Norwegian who went psycho and killed 77, wounding an additional 242 as well. This is his works cited page right here because Breivik stated that first-person shooters could be used to as mass killing simulators. That’s all fine and dandy, but its a bit difficult to teach strategy to someone when you can take a rocket to the face and survive, that is not realistic. Which is the point, video games lack reality, hint as to why they are called “video games.”

The reason this pisses me off so much, is because it would be the same as me blaming the economic downfall on computers because they are what is used to input data used for the stock market. Citing some outlying random person or situation to back up my argument. You are doing nothing but blaming something in order to take the focus and blame off of your own issue. It really shows ineptitude and ignorance to the facts.

You want to know why the NRA and pro-gun activists look like fools to so many? Because they are represented by 50-80 year old men who are putting the blame on the younger generation and the things they like. Remember when Judas Priest was taken to trial because their music apparently contributed to a boy killing himself? That is the kind of crap that needs to permanently end in society. Instead of parents blaming themselves and taking responsibility or pointing out flaws in society, they decide to go after entertainment because it is easy.

Chuck Grassley has no idea what games he is blaming. He doesn’t even know a single publisher. He doesn’t know that a country like Australia still has murder and they have a ban on M rated games. He doesn’t know that a mental disorder is a mental disorder and not something created by video games. He has no clue about anything involved in video games nor the people who play them. Does he know that a majority of Call of Duty players are between 18-30 and predominately male and working class? No, he knows none of this. But then again isn’t that the whole point here? They know nothing and so they blame something because it sounds scary. It’s always much easier to blame a video game as a Republican, than saying that we need gun store owners and outlets to do inventory and fix the background check system. Or keeping a list of weapons that have been used in murders and illegal activities to trace it to a specific gun store who then can be either held liable after a set amount of weapon violations or can have a regular audit.

No, we don’t need that. We need to keep those young whippersnappers from playing this Halo or Call of Duty. The violence is their fault. Except for it isn’t, you old stupid f–k.

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