My Superbowl Prediction

So here it is… my choice for who will win this years sports spectacle. There are many stories to run with this year and I don’t give a single s–t about any of them. I care about football and the gridiron that it is played on. It doesn’t matter what Ray Lewis has done in his career this coming Sunday, nor do I care which Harbaugh boy wins it all and I especially don’t care about whatever crap that talk about involving Colin Kaepernick and his upbringing. I might care about something involving Ed Reed’s beard and anger toward everything that is wide receiver based… that seems mildly interesting.

This game will hopefully be what it should, a decent scoring slug fest where 2 great defenses collide against 2 hot handed quarterbacks. Flacco vs Kaepernick is a hell of a lot more interesting than I expected it to be. Flacco, who is duller than a 1920’s dildo against Kaepernick, a young quarterback who has successfully integrated a solid pistol style offense and is being what everyone thought Mike Vick was in 2006 but with a more accurate arm. So who? Which team am I taking? Well…

Like it or not, I am taking the Ravens. They have more come from behind wins and currently I trust the hell out of Joe Flacco’s arm. He has been permanently on NBA Jam level fire since week 14 minus the week 17 match-up against Cincinnati where Flacco threw 8 total passes because the Ravens didn’t need that game.

In his 3 playoff games this year he has posted a 114.7 quarterback rating, 853 passing yards, 8 TDs and 0 INTs. While Kaepernick also has been on relative fire, I have seen Flacco make throws that are on the level of what the media (ESPN) has deemed elite. I like the 49ers defense, but their secondary is beatable especially with Torrey Smith on the field and with return specialist and solid split receiver Jacoby Jones added to the mix I feel like their offense has too much fire power. I haven’t even mentioned Ray Rice. Flacco is doing THAT good. Their offensive line has kept Flacco standing a majority of the time and beyond a few sacks in the playoffs he has been virtually untouched.

I just see the Ravens wanting it more and having immense confidence right now. Defensively I like Ed Reed over anyone else in any secondary in the NFL right now.

Score Prediction: Ravens – 27 49ers – 17

One comment on “My Superbowl Prediction

  1. Love your thoughts especially the duller than a 1920s dido,but I believe you talk like a man with a paper asshole. San Fran can beat the Ravens at their own game, running the football. When it comes down to it what quarterback do you think can throw and run

    . Oh almost forgot Lamichael James. Who needs to throw the ball

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