Women Are Going To The Front Lines. Republican Pundits Freak Out.

Women are now allowed to go to the front lines of combat for essentially the first time after the law from 1994 prohibiting it, was abolished. Well a vast majority of FOX News and right wing pundits are literally freaking the f–k out about this. Because, you know, they are all for women’s equality… except in pay, rank and rights.

First off let me say this, the Bible has no place in this argument. Religion doesn’t determine skill and ability. Anyone that attempts to say women are unqualified or unfit for front line duty don’t understand that these women go through the same rigors that men do. A woman who chooses to be a soldier understands what comes with that. You can die, be injured, raped, maimed, all of the above even. This is the attrition of war. Russia utilized women, albeit not by choice, to defend itself during World War II. When Republican talking head Ben Ferguson asked a caller, “Would you rather have 5 men or 5 women come to help you” he asked a bland simple question to which there is no answer. What is their rank, job, weapon proficiency, carrying ability, etc. There are too many in between factors to even ask a detailed question let alone a stupid simple question like that.

The next argument is aren’t they too emotional? No, not any more than men when it comes to being willing to fight on the front lines. Everyone is an individual, saying women cannot fight on the front lines is yet another generalization that the right wing has mustered and made themselves look again like a sexist, racist group. Women have been fighting for centuries, but let us disregard that of coarse, but it is more change, and the GOP is again fighting more and more change. Since we cannot trust a woman on the battlefield, then why can we trust them to lead a city, state, country and so on? Aren’t they too emotional?

What if they get abducted? Well isn’t that war? In war there will always be POW’s, that’s just how war works a lot of the time. Using that as an excuse again shows a lack of understanding what equality means. After talking with a few friends of mine who are current and ex military, they point out that they see no difference in women to men. Yes, men are very aggressive in the military, but when you are getting shot at on the front lines what you want is reliability and soldiers you can trust to back you up. That doesn’t change depending on which sex you are, it is in the character of a person, not genitals.

When you say, “We used to respect women” and “Back in the day” you immediately sound exactly like what you claim you are not, a sexist who thinks women are home makers. You claim they can join the military, but your idea of that is a lawyer in JAG or a paper pusher on a desk. Women are just as effective at work as men are. Because of WWII it opened it for a woman based workforce that was thought to never be possible, but what do you know? They are capable of hard labor. Stop acting like you aren’t sexist then say sexist things… it makes no sense to say a woman has no place on the front lines… if a soldier is qualified then the soldier is qualified, no matter if its male or female.

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