Video Game Attack Indie Reviews: Pester

Do you miss old school games? Ones that guffaw at storylines and character development in favor of pure bullet heaven? If so then I have quite a little game with a big punch for you. It’s called Pester and it’s on the the Xbox Live Arcade. Pester returns to golden aged glory roots of arcades, a day many of us (shedding tears) miss dearly. The days when you would fight over a joystick in order to blast anything and everything within your eyesight and had a killswitch to destroy everything on screen if it got too hectic, and with Pester you will definitely get swarmed faster than Mark Sanchez dropping back for a future interception.

Pester mixes 3 of my favorite things in one giant concoction:

1) Simple and effective controls… sometimes I miss these.

2) Kick ass sound track. The kind you could totally destroy alien ships to.

3) Wonderfully rendered backgrounds. Cannot appreciate these enough.

screen1This is one of the better indie games I’ve played since I Made A Game With Zombies In It. I enjoy both game modes, arcade being your old school shoot em up and destroy all the bosses mode, while tempus is one where you must kill your enemies to replenish your time and as soon as your time hits zero the game is over. Both modes offer a lot of fun and I found tempus to be both difficult and enjoyable. You get nervous as you see your time starting to get lower and lower, it gets you going. You can also get power ups, from added bombs to clear the area to increasing your movement speed to increasing your shooting power. It gives you an edge on the enemy who will send wave after wave and generally start to piss you off enough to feel the need to go all Death Star on Alderaan.

screen3The thing that Pester gives gamers is a nice comfortable alternative from other games like Skyrim or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with a simple and effective platform. We need to be able to break away from the in depth customization and dire need to save the world from terrorists, in order to sit down and just kill a s–t load of flying alien ships. You always need to appreciate developers who give us a game that returns us to our roots and still stays fresh as its own game. Pester is simple enough to grab your attention and difficult enough to make you come back for more. I found myself playing it for an hour on my own after getting decimated by the first and second boss out of revenge and anger towards them and eventually honed my strategy and took them out. That’s the point. It grabs you and keeps you interested because it is a game that pulls you in and then chews you up along with a line from The Rock saying, “come get some” to which you will oblige.

Pester is fun, entertaining and a worthwhile play. For a mere 80 Microsoft points you can download it and check it out here too. I enjoy a game that brings us back and calms our brain and allows us to go Hulk on something. Instead of picking which faction to join or whether or not to save some girl from a pack of zombies, sometimes we just want HULK SMASH simplicity. With Pester it’s all the destruction and boom you could ask for without making you have to think about anything and I like that. I like that I can just destroy it all and not worry about why. So go pick it up, it’s fun, fresh and still old school while costing you very little. Pester will be a fun and good addition to your XBLA archive and a game you go back to time and time again to enjoy the glory days of arcades. The game is true to it’s name, it will pester you, but keep you coming back for more each time.

Overall Grade: A

Flump studio’s will be holding a competition starting January 29th where if you post a picture with all the achievements unlocked for Pester you could win 400 Microsoft Points. For more details go to or their blog. The competition is only qualified for European players, sorry fellow Yanks!

Also if they can sell 1000 copies of Pester they will provide FREE DLC for us. How can you not be up for that for a mere 80 Microsoft Points?

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