The 40th Annual March For Life Is Really Ironic

The right to lifers are again trying to explain how abortion is terrible because God says it is so. Again a religious view attempting to be forced upon us because if they don’t, then people like myself will live a sinful immoral life with murder, sex and drug use. This of course, is their close minded thought process and honestly I only do 1 of those 3, you can probably guess which one.

So you are asking what is the irony here? What do I, Sean Anthony, find ironic about The March for Life? It’s quite simple really. They use the freedom of religion and free speech to say these things, all while attempting to limit the free speech and freedom FROM religion that we, those who do not adhere to Christian laws, are guaranteed as well. I’m just tired of the idiocracy from the uneducated.

I can understand if you find it appalling to have an abortion and by all means it is a very justified feeling. I respect that, but what they need to do is respect someones personal decision with their own body. You can have moral feelings toward something and view it as positive or negative, but when you begin to force your views onto someone you lose that right. You become nothing better than the “evil terrorists Muslims” that you blame for 9/11 and other various things.

When you preach that you are above what you perceive to be an incorrect religion and then do exactly what their extremists do, but use less guns and violent force, but instead go for political action and mental abuse. If you want to prove that you respect other people as the Bible and as Jesus preached then do so by NOT forcing your belief system onto others. Christianity went through that with the Romans, Pegans went through that with Catholics and Muslims have gone through that with everyone including themselves.

The whole point here is not to say Christians or Muslims or anyone is wrong, your own belief is yours and no one will take that from you despite the rhetoric from pastors and fear mongers. That, however, does not give you the right to force your beliefs onto myself nor anyone else who thinks you are full of shit. I am a very moral human being, not because of a god or a book that tells me, but because I was raised by rational humans who aren’t absolute morons.

The whole point is I respect your right to your personal thoughts and your views as well as your right to protest, but you also need to respect that we are not a Theocracy. We as a country, are not ruled by religion, religious law nor religious leaders. We are ruled (or supposed to be) by rational people who are suppose to put whats best for the country and for the people as a collective, not just a select few. I just want all religions to understand those of us who are not religious or maybe even religious, but with different personal views feel. We shouldn’t be treated differently, we are human and we make our own decisions, be them right or wrong. It even states in one of the Bibles many stories that Adam and Eve were given the freedom of choice as well as the ability to know good and evil. As humans we all see good and evil differently because we use our own perception. I for one, find forcing your beliefs and values onto someone else is evil and you should too, so don’t do it.

One comment on “The 40th Annual March For Life Is Really Ironic

  1. Your final comment is interesting; “forcing your beliefs and values onto someone else is evil and you should too, so don’t do it.” But then your entire post is about you pushing your beliefs and values.

    Every living person was at one time a fetus. However, in-utero no-one can speak for themselves, so the life of the fetus is decided by another genetically unique individual, the mother. I think these marchers were not trying to force something on you or others, but rather to give voice to the unborn saying “let us live”, a reasonable plea on behalf of all fetuses, given that millions have been killed though legal medical abortion procedures over the last 40 years. Medically an abortion kills a fetus, it ends its independent movement, growth and development. It is the question of does it kill a person that people waffle on.

    Let’s keep religious beliefs out of the conversation and just look at what you “believe and value” with regards as to when someone is a “person.”Just look at medical science as a basis. 40 years ago, what science could tell us about fetal development was very different that what we know today. With the typical pregnancy lasting 39 weeks and currently the youngest gestational age of child to be born and live being just under 22 weeks, it begs the question when are we our own person, with rights to be alive? Legally the child born at just under 22 weeks was a person at that moment. I being a person related to location? Outside the uterus, a person but inside the uterus, not a person. When the surgeon performed medically beneficial in-utero surgery on my niece, was he operating on a human person? She sure seems life one to me.

    Holding to an easy answer even as our knowledge changes is unfortunate. And maintaining an intellectual blind-spot with regards to medical advances in understanding the development of human life in order to cling to personal beliefs that allow ending the life of another because they are powerless and have no voice to object to then ending of their life is a purely ideological position of beliefs and values. “so don’t do it.”

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