Lack Of Fathers Is An Issue In America, God Is NOT The Answer Though

So besides blaming video games and music as accessories to murder because the NRA and their supporters will blame anything right now besides a gun, the new thing is a very legit point. Because a traditional family consisting of a father and mother (or mother/mother father/father in my opinion too) is no longer the norm in America it has caused damage to our children. Very good point and honestly very valid too. The proposition though is flawed by those who keep this argument up… they talk about the 50s and 60s as what we need to return to and that the lack of God in our schools is the problem. This is where it keeps getting taken too far and begins to lose credibility.

The difference between the 50s and 60s compared to right now are vast, but let’s stay relatively simple for the sake of you having to read all that shit. The 50s and 60s both saw men coming back from war and a huge opening in jobs thus giving a huge economic boom and giving the ability to raise a family. Men and women got married and STAYED married, not always because of love, but because of financial reasons. Women weren’t always able to find effective work and generally were stay at home parents while the men went to work. That was the norm.

Religiously speaking a majority of people were either Catholic or Christian and divorce was always frowned upon and still is. How you looked in your community mattered because the suburbs were brand new thus community had a more centralized meaning. A prostitute in Hawaii, during the days of war, made thousands off of buying property with her earnings, spreading rumors about herself being a prostitute and forced the hand of the community to purchase her property at a profit to her. All because of her profession and she took advantage because community was key then. Nowadays community doesn’t hold as much clout as it used to. Because of cell phones and the internet we are connected to the world, so your neighbor down the streets opinion doesn’t really matter anymore.

More than that, new generations often have different views. The generation from the 80s/90s, my generation, doesn’t hold the same care for religion that the 50s/60s generation did. Homosexuality is generally accepted and divorce is normal because, through religious teachings, many believe they HAVE to get married or without any religion involved, are just dumbasses. Marriage used to hold importance, but now it is viewed as something that is normal to have and divorce is not viewed nearly as negatively. Even bigger than that, women used to stay in poor relationships where they were beaten or abused in one way or the other, nowadays that is not accepted and women are more independent than ever before in America.

The only people that keep wanting things to revert to the days of old are in fact, the old. Those who were in power generally never want things to change because it threatens their power. The old version of Republican values, the ones warped during the 80s, have lost brutally. Voters between 18-30 are not generally voting based on religious beliefs, but on human rights. People who are gay shouldn’t be demonized the way the GOP has done over the last decade. We are a country that changes every 50 years and the generation before the change usually has a problem with the change. Imagine someone born in the south in 1870 who died in 1950 and had to see blacks and women gain all kinds of ground in rights.

Change is scary to humanity because we like routine and change interrupts that. We forget that video games are only roughly 30 or 40 years old so the old white generation doesn’t understand them, therefore they fear it and blame it for crimes committed by people because those people played them. Instead of accepting that homosexuality is in born and not a choice they reference the Bible saying that it is a choice, despite the Bible not saying anything to factually back that. Fathers not being fathers and leaving the mother high and dry has become an epidemic, but God can not fix that because all he does is hinder it. Many couples get married young (18-21) because they want to be able to have sex and they don’t want to anger God despite that piece of text coming from a time when women were nothing more than property. Think to the 10 commandments, it says, “Thou Shalt Not Covert Thy Neighbors Wife” not spouse, but wife, because women were property.

If you want to fix lack of parental support from men then change the culture. Stop using scare tactics like God and use correct ones like financial responsibility or honor. Teach them how to use condoms, birth control and the such in order to keep them from having children too young and never being able to make headway with a career in order to contribute to society. You will never change the culture of sex, we inherently as humans desire sex because it is a biological need and want to fornicate. There is a reason that millions of rapes have happened under the watchful disturbing eye of the catholic church, its because sex is desired no matter how “godly” one thinks them self.

The belief that returning to a time of false happiness and vehement racism is a clouded thought process, one that is perpetuated by those fearful of change. You know why so many children are fatherless? Because the culture we have not only breeds it, but champions it. Hip-hop music as a culture promotes getting as much money, cars and sex as humanly possible, but what you don’t hear much about good fathering and effective parenting. Shitty rock music is no better, talking about nothing more than sex, drug use and emo bullshit.

We as a society need to change our culture, need to teach children why parenting is important, what the difference is between good and bad parenting. We teach selfishness instead of selflessness. We are a culture of overspending and overabundance. If we teach and promote values that explain how marriage really works, love and respect not fear of God and sex, then we will have an educated youth. If we explain how much a child costs until the age of 18, usually between $1 and $1.5 million, then it may educate them to contraceptives and holding off on having kids until they are ready to the best of their ability. The fear of God will not fix issues of fatherless children, but making sure men are men and understand that being there for your children is what a real man does can. Culture needs renovated not destroyed and rebuilt.

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