Video Game Attack Reviews: DmC: Devil May Cry

The story of Devil May Cry is always one that draws interest. The game series was originally made by accident when they were attempting to make a new Resident Evil. They spawned this amazing hack and slash demon game and are now at a gracious 5th installment. We know Dante, we know Vergil and we know Mundus, we know the whole ordeal. What we didn’t get to witness was how Dante and Vergil fell apart, how they differed in both opinion and action. How was Dante when he was much younger and when did he unlock his true potential? How did the world fall into a seemingly infinite chaos and how are the twin Nephilim are intertwined within this story? Here is your DmC review.


Dante has always been brash and arrogant about his abilities, but also seems to know his limits as well. We’ve seen him change (chronologically speaking) from Devil May Cry 3 to Devil May Cry 4 where he goes from a young still increasing his strength half-breed to a seasoned destroy everything bad ass. Remember playing through Devil May Cry 4 with Nero having to work to take out the bosses? Yeah it was fun, but challenging. Go back through with Dante and its hilarious how easy Dante makes the game.

In DmC you take hold of a very young Dante enjoying his time with booze, liquor and women. He is met at the front of his trailer by a girl named Kat who tells him he is in danger from a Hunter Demon that is looking for him on the behalf of Mundus. After taking out the Hunter your story begins to unravel and you get to see how Mundus, through power, media and debt has ruled the world. His weapons are through the most enjoyed drink in the world as well as the Raptor News Network with the head of it, Bob Barbas always ending his news cast with a nice, “just doin’ Gods work.” Oh the irony.

Going from young brash Dante to powerful, just defeated a god, young brash Dante is a fun experience. The story has depth and expands on the environment that the series itself has given us. You get to see how the world shaped and how humanity learned of the existence of demons. The story gives a nice background in the lives of both Dante and Vergil to see where they change and differ. The experience is exhilarating.

Story Grade- A


The controls is hard to master, but easy to get into. Using your guns and basic melee attacks are easy enough, but combining all your weapons together to string together massive combos takes time. You feel overtly powerful through most of the game and only certain creatures will give you a real tough time, but the sheer mass of different demons attacking you makes it a trying game.

You weapon upgrades and hook lines make combos and movement very versatile. Streaming between enemies is fluid and everything works simultaneously. You can freely switch between weapons even in mid swing/punch/throw. Upgrading your weapons is necessary in stringing together massive combos and getting the highest rank of each level.

The issues that arise though can be movement and swinging. The controls are generally very easy and enjoyable, but in certain situations they can be a hindrance that cause you to fall and lose much needed health. It takes some getting use to, but once you get used to it the game has a solid flow.

Gameplay Grade- B+


I think one of the reasons I have always loved the Devil May Cry series is because of the heavy metal-esque electronic that accompanies each battle. The music is done by Noisia and Combichrist and it makes each battle an exhilarating fight that has a kick ass sound track to back it up. The sound effects and destruction are well done and I really enjoy the cut scenes. The voice work fits the character models and more importantly the slash, hack and kill sounds are effective.

Audo Grade- B+


Dante looks he is. A young arrogant half breed. He takes advantage of anything he can and his expressions show his true lack of respect for his opponents when he faces demons he finds lesser than himself. The demon models, there are many, are unique and add that feel of demonic awkwardness and that torn apart flesh look. They vary from simple easy to take out minions to the larger “leader” types that are more twisted and obviously mentally unstable… even for a thrall.

Mundus and his wench, Lilith, both have that demonic degradation to their likeness which alludes to their human form becoming unstable due to their demonic presence. It helps you understand how Vergil and Dante keep youthful and human looking due to their being Nephilim.

The build of the environment is ever changing and limbo, where you will spend a vast majority of the game, is a cesspool for degradation and movement. The environment can change at a moments notice and will in order to slow you down or set you up for an ambush. The city has a weird beauty about it in limbo and you should take time to enjoy the view, as funny as that sounds for an in game experience, trust me… try it.

Visual Grade- A

Replay Ability

Surprisingly high. There is a lot to do and a lot to accomplish in the game. They cleverly have areas throughout the game that you cannot access without a certain weapon that you don’t get until later. With so many extra modes to play on and so many doors to open for extra game play it adds to it. Unlocking new clothes and weapon skins is a fun thing to do and it adds to the intrigue. You have 5 weapons and 3 guns to master and combo with that will keep you occupied as well as many achievements to unlock with multiple playthroughs. The story itself is also worth a second go around because of the amount you learn from as well as seeing it all with the newly upgraded weapons. The game gives you plenty to do and makes it relatively valuable and worth another replay, a rarity in storyline based games built like DmC.

Replay Ability Grade- B


Bringing back Dante to the front again is refreshing. While I enjoyed Devil May Cry 4 and the use of Nero I wanted more Dante. He is one of those characters that comes along and grabs your attention. He is a combo machine, a Nephilim and a bad ass who enjoys the finer things in life, namely women, booze and pizza. He is a man’s man in that respect. Despite his being essentially a super being who can destroy gods, he holds a soft spot for humanity and unlike his brother Vergil, does not look down on humans.

Seeing Dante go from a punk with skills to a punk with morals and massive skills is a hell of a ride and one I would take over and over. The games engine flows neatly, the graphics and audio provided are Devil May Cry in a nut shell and have that gorgeous Gothic feel to it. DmC is a fantastic retro outfitting of the series and breaths a new invigorating life into the series giving them the ability to show us how we got back full circle to the original Devil May Cry with Dante eating pizza in his shop when Trish busts in and sets us off to the first trial in the franchise.

DmC is a worthwhile and enjoyable game that enhances the series and in some respect makes it a new beginning for the entire franchise itself. The lore of the world of Devil May Cry is the amount that is unknown and how everything coincides centered around Dante in one way or another. The story has much to be told still and Dante is the center of it, be it a black short fohawk of sorts or medium length white Bon Jovi styled hair, Dante is a bad ass and I for one will be looking forward to the next installment of the series. They gave me some and now I want more. More demons, more weapons, more use of the word fuck. Trust me, it is quite prevalent. In the end, DmC is a solid game and one that can be played multiple times, solid mechanics and overall a well rounded game. Highly recommended.

Overall Grade: A-

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