Want To Get Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Early? Demo Release Date and New Video.

Well Konami is taking it to the extremes for the fans of the Metal Gear universe. They are offering 250 fans the chance to play Metal Gear Rising before anyone else if they do one little thing. Throw a Metal Gear themed party and have people come there to play the game and we can only assume these same partiers will somehow make a drinking game out of this. Every time Raiden complains about something, drink, every time Raiden talks about his past, drink, every time you encounter a Metal Gear, drink. Seems fun? Well since I am a red blooded American I have bad news for us…

This is for United Kingdom gamers only… yeah only 250 of these Brits (or Irish/Scots) get the chance to play MGR early. They don’t only get the game, but they get party favors, wristbands, shirts, posters and a crap ton of props. So we can sit back and be salty. It sucks, but I think we should still appreciate Konami trying to spice up the new series that is seemingly Snake-less now. We can all hold out hope for another chance to run with Snake Plisken because hey… he was a clone so why not have a clone of a clone? We don’t want Snake to have down syndrome, but we do want him back… preferably with his normal old man, “I seen some crazy s–t in my day” expressions. Here’s to hoping we never have to experience Raiden running around an oil rig holding his penis ever again.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo releases Jan 23rd and my god… it looks sexy.

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