Atlus 50% Sale… Goodbye Bank Account.

Here is your, “always whenever it randomly happens s–t goes on sale so I will update it” update.

Except this one is… Atlus?… my god… Atlus… ATLUS!!!

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona- Yes that is correct, the original PSP Persona. Yes a Shin Megami game is half off… I know… take it in. In the meantime here is the link.







Droplitz- Good old fashion video game crack right here. One of those games you will start playing and for no reason continue. Seriously…






Rock of Ages- You are a rock… you destroy things throughout the ages… terrorize history. Win win.






Amazing graphics and up to 3 player co-op makes Trine 2 awesome. Feels nostalgic yet new age, but tisn’t that an Atlus special?

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