No Tebow Is Still Not Better Than Manning

If there is one thing I have extreme disdain for it is spiders, but also for apologists. Manning and the Broncos went down to the Ravens 38-35 and ever since then all I hear is how Tebow would have won that game. I cannot scoff and laugh enough at that statement. One radio personality last night I was listening to even had the balls to call Manning the successor to Tebow… this is getting to be too much.

If you have kept up with me you know I think that Tebow’s skill set is useful and intriguing, but he is NOT a quarterback in the NFL. No matter how much you want it he cannot defeat a legitimate top 5 team which, in the playoffs you have to do at least twice. Many of the passes Manning made last night were passes that Tebow couldn’t even make with no defense on the field. How is it Manning’s fault what happened? Cause he threw an interception at a bad time, true i’ll give you that, but how did Champ Bailey play? How was the entire secondary for the Broncos? What about their pass rush? My point is this game was a defensive fail, not something Tebow could fix with his inaccurate passing and reliance on running.

I am sick and tired of hearing everyone coddle Tim Tebow. How long do you have to keep doing this? How many times are you going to keep telling me that he can play quarterback, not because of his mechanics or passing ability, but because he is such a winner!

You see that’s not an argument. Hell, I’m a winner technically, but I know my limits and understand the end of my abilities. It’s like watching that kid who has great athletic ability riding the bench and everyone wants him to get in cause he is fun to watch despite causing his team to lose games and holding everyone else back. But hey, he is such a great stand up guy right? He deserves a shot! He had 2 opportunities in fact and then fell flat.

The reason the Broncos didn’t want him was simple, he is too limited. They would consistently hover around 8-8 every year with Tebow at the helm. Tebow was lucky to be in the division where Norv Turner was still a head coach, the Chiefs had LOL’d their way to awful and the Raiders had lost Jason Campbell and decided Carson “Pick 6” Palmer was worth a 1st and 2nd round pick. The Broncos last year with Tebow backed into the playoffs only making it because the Raiders lost in week 17.

During Tebow’s 6 game win streak in 2011:

– He was sacked 10 times during that win streak.

– Threw 7 TDs, 1 INT and ran for 2 TDs.

had a QB rating of 95.8 during the winning streak.

– Only twice did a team score more than 20 during that win streak (vs. MIN, vs. OAK).

Beat Oakland, Kansas City, New York Jets, San Diego, Minnesota and Chicago.

Then right after that during their 3 game losing streak everyone magically forgets about:

– Was outscored 88-40 by New England, Buffalo and Kansas City.

– Threw 1 TD and ran for 3 TDs. Most in garbage blow out time.

– Passed for 30-73. A paltry 41% passing.

– Had 76 total yards again Kansas City in week 17.

– Fumbled 5 times losing 3 of those fumbles.

– Buffalo picked him off 3 times and sacked him 4 times.

– Had a QB rating of 46.9 during the 3 game losing streak.

My entire point of this info is to show that this “clutch” kid was far from it. They needed to secure a single win in the final 3 weeks and they were in the clear. New England destroyed them, Buffalo destroyed them and Kansas City held him in check not giving him even 100 total yards on the day. They backed into the playoffs, but yes they went.

The strength of Tebow is his being unknown. You can literally not predict what he will do, but his weakness is when his defense can’t hold offenses in check. See New England in both the regular season and playoffs. They destroyed him because they overmatched the Broncos defense. Tebow cannot score quick and he needs to be able to run the clock to hell because he is not an accurate deep passer… or really an accurate passer at all. When you are down 21-0 you have to pass, running hurts you and drains the clock, but Tebow has to have the running option available to him, because without it he is forced to be one dimensional. Unlike the new age mobile quarterbacks (Kaepernick, Luck, RGIII, Wilson), Tebow is not a scary passer. Yes he can land one here and there, but generally speaking he is not a very accurate quarterback.

Did he beat the Steelers last year? Yes, and honestly I loved it… cause I hate the Steelers. Was it all him though? No, not by a long shot. The Broncos defense deserved 60% of the credit for those wins and that playoff victory. Just like that time when the defense received praise, they deserve scolding here. Did Manning make a mistake? Yes. Did he cost them the game? To a degree, yes. Did the defense step up? No, in fact they caused the game to go to overtime after a solid Manning fueled drive to essentially seal the game with only 31 seconds on the clock. The defense lost this game, Manning kept them in it.

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