A BCS Computer Still Ranks Notre Dame Ahead Of Alabama. That’s So BCS.

As if we needed a secondary reason to show disdain and overall hatred for the BCS, it turns out one of the 6 computer systems used to rank teams decided, “Hey f–k it, I know the Irish got stomped 42-14 in an absolute blood bath, but who cares?” Despite Notre Dame struggling against lesser competition most of the year and beating only 1 truly formidable opponent in Stanford, this BCS computer, The Colley Matrix, still keeps Notre Dame ahead of the current national champion Alabama.

Now it is laughable and seriously… here take a minute, i’ll wait.






Ok there, good to go? Alright let’s continue.

The problem is these computers still don’t utilize margin of victory into their factors. So every win and loss is essentially a 1 point game regardless. It doesn’t personify the absolute thrashing that Alabama handed out to all but LSU and their loss to Johnny Football. Notre Dame, as I said, only defeated 1 legitimate team all year in Stanford. The other wins I am suppose to accept as legit are Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma and USC… but I don’t and let me show you how I discount them.

Michigan- Including the suspended Ohio State team, Michigan played 4 total ranked teams and went 0-4 including a 41-14 thrashing by who else, Alabama. Michigan went 8-5 and was worthless a majority of the year.

Michigan State- Never had any momentum one way or the other. Their QB situation is awful and their defense was forgettable. Other than Bell this team was about as boring as C-SPAN. Their only legit wins were a weak Wisconsin team and a rebuilding Boise State. Ick.

Oklahoma- They lost to K-State who got annihilated by Baylor. They got decimated by Johnny Football… Oklahoma makes the Bible belt sad. They only beat Oklahoma State as a semi-legit win and destroyed a lackluster Texas team that everyone knows is garbage. Oklahoma played no one.

USC- 2 words. Lane. Kiffin. I’s like having a uber douchey Pat Shurmur as head coach.

So we will laugh, we will look forward to a playoff system and look forward to not watching a 6-7 team play a meaningless bowl game. I’m all for college athletes playing plenty of games and getting to go to bowls, but the day you sit down and willingly watch the San Diego County Credit Union Bowl is the day that you end your night the same way David Carradine did. 

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