Republicans Just Played Right Into Obama And The Democrats Hands

I don’t have any grey area when it comes to my disdain for both parties here in the United States, but to me the GOP is the worst. No not because of their conservative ideology, I agree with some of it, but because they play the fear, religion and race card more than anyone else. After Romney took an ass kicking in the presidential election and walking human-ham hybrid Karl Rove had a literal meltdown on FOX during the results I quickly realized that the GOP had fallen in the trap set by Obama and the Democrats. It was the same thing that Rove and the Bush Republicans did in the early 2000’s to the Democrats. It’s the old, how does your own medicine taste deal. How do the Republicans like it? Not at all and they still don’t even get it.

The Senate earlier today passed the bill to end this fictitious fiscal cliff that we were apparently headed over then the House just a few minutes ago passed it as well, still with heavy GOP opposition (Also over at FOXNews they have called it the “fiscal crisis bill”). The bill was passed 257-167 and the GOP is still fractured after this, especially Speaker John Boehner (R- Ohio). Several Democrats voted nay, but only because they wanted tax increases on households of $250,000 instead of $450,000 which was what had been negotiated. This still leaves the Democrats at the advantage either way as the GOP is so split, so splintered, that they cannot claim any kind of victory here.

Think about it, this Congress has an approval rating of 18%. Those numbers are directly from GOP supporting FOX News and the GOP held House is the main detriment to that approval rating. Remember how our system works:

Senate > House > President

That is how things pass. yes the Democrats control the senate, but that is literally just drafting the legislation and voting it up to the House. The House in turn, which is held as I said by the GOP, had to vote on it. It could not be passed by just Democrats so that is expressly out the window as an excuse. The whole situation the GOP put themselves in is exactly what they did in 2010 and in 2011. They were stalling and doing everything they could to literally do nothing. As Sarah Palin put it, “what’s wrong with being the party of NO?” That was their premise. That was their thing. They did anything they could to do nothing and blame Obama for it lusting to oust him in favor of their fresh from battle pick Mitt Romney. Well, fast forward to the beginning of 2013 and the same tactics that worked previously have backfired, quite literally, into the faces of the Republicans.

People have been exhausted from this do nothing Congress and they don’t blame the Democrats, they blame the Republicans. It isn’t even a shift in political stance as much as it is the unwillingness of Republicans to meet halfway or to show they are willing to work with Democrats, especially Obama. This can be attributed to the split of the 90s Republicans and the new face Tea Party Republicans who are generally more radical. John Boehner may even get replaced as Speaker if the GOTP (Grand Ol’ Tea Party) has its way.

The end all be all is that the Republican party needs to find an identity. If you aren’t white and middle aged to elderly you don’t really identify with the Republican political and value system. Continually pushing doing nothing and trying to stop the Democrats has hurt them more and more and their entertainment/propaganda wing is not helping, but instead is hindering. Fiery rhetoric is perfectly fine, but when you take it to a degree of destroy the Democrats and the Republicans can fix everything by doing what Reagan did back when most of you weren’t alive idea, it doesn’t resonate with voters 18-35 who have become the majority. Don’t forget that by 2020 Texas could become a swing state if Republicans don’t stop alienating Mexicans and Hispanics.

They are going to have to change their ways and their actions. They need minorities to be able to vote for them and not feel dirty. They need to eliminate people like Steven Crowder and James O’Keefe from their, “let’s expose evil Democrats plans” area and focus more on listening to what their country and states want. Marijuana is becoming legalized and gay rights are being promoted and voted into law in many states as well. If they don’t become tolerant with these things they will quickly get overrun by Democrats who seize it and run with it. I would venture to guess that a vast majority of homosexuals refuse to vote Republican at all because their stance is that homosexuality is against God. Religion and politics do not work together and the Republicans, as well as their floundering Tea Party, are learning that the hard way at the polls.

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