Why The Browns Should Take A Chance On Chip Kelly

Black Monday has come to pass and The Browns, again, fired a head coach. The problem is they keep getting the unknown or the overrated head coach. They, under Lerner, never really took a chance on someone fresh that could do something big. Their biggest splash was Eric Mangini fresh from his firing from the Jets after an abysmal season that ended with a miss at a playoff run and an injured Brett Favre who would end up in Minnesota.

I keep hearing how Kelly should go the the Eagles and they fit his style and the Browns don’t. I find this funny considering they keep pointing out the lack of talent to fit Kelly’s style in Cleveland… yet it doesn’t exist in Philly either. Yes, McCoy is speedy, but Foles has no connection with Jackson nor Maclin. I believe that Josh Gordon is close to the speed that Jackson has and Maclin is injury prone. The Browns should pull the trigger, here’s why.

First off here is the rundown of the Browns coaches.

Chris Palmer- 5-27

Butch Davis- 24-34, 0-1 in playoffs

Terry Robiskie- 1-5 (interim HC)

Romeo Crennel- 24-40

Eric Mangini- 10-22

Pat Shurmur- 9-23

That is a lot… a lot of awful coaching. The main problem I had with Shurmur (there are many) was his play calling. No one else in the NFL was a worse play caller in 2012 than Pat Shurmur. He would ran exactly what the defense thought he would every time. He is the only coach I can think of that with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down at the goal line, would throw the ball every time despite having a bad rookie quarterback and having a top tier running back. If you have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady then I understand throwing it on the goal line, hell if you have Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck I totally get it, but Brandon Weeden doesn’t have half the talent that these quarterbacks possess.

Chip Kelly has made waves in both NCAA and NFL coaching circles. His offensive style mixed with the relentless attack he coaches are exactly a change of pace that the Cleveland Browns need. They next coach that the Browns hire needs to be one that will be given a 5-year term to get things going. Allow Kelly to install his firebrand style of offense. The Browns will not be a playoff team in 2013 or 2014, but in 2015 and 2016 with Kelly’s offense they could be a juggernaut at the tail end of both Pittsburgh and Baltimore’s reign in the division. Cincinnati is up and coming and can only get better, Cleveland needs something new, something fresh and honestly, someone with balls.

The argument I hear is that Brandon Weeden doesn’t fit Kelly’s style and they shouldn’t give up on Weeden yet… ummm… yes you should. Weeden is not the future for this franchise, so he should get no treatment as if he is. They have a quarterback who is able to run the style offense Chip Kelly would want on their roster though, and he is Josh Johnson. In 26 games with the Buccaneers Johnson averaged 10 rush yards a game and 7 yards per rush. In 6 games in the 09-10 season he averaged 24.7 rush yards per game. While these numbers are not astounding he is a poor man’s Michael Vick and Kelly could utilize him.

Speaking of Vick, that is another option. The Browns could easily and cheaply take Vick either from free agency or in a trade for next to nothing with the Eagles with them picking up a majority of his salary. The run-n-gun offense that Kelly uses is perfect for Trent Richardson as well as Josh Gordon, who is a good burner. The offensive line needs retooled anyway so this gives Kelly the chance to establish the right side of his line while keeping top notch left tackle Joe Thomas and center Alex Mack in there. Kelly needs a team that he can build and offensively speaking, the Browns are a vacant house that needs flipped.

A coach like Kelly needs to be given the chance and the GM to allow him to grab the players he wants and establish a new age offense the likes the NFL has not seen. This is something the Browns need and something Jimmy Haslem, the new owner, understands. He has to get a coach that will want to win, that will focus on getting his team together the way the head coach wants it. Stability is key and with the success of Russel Wilson and Robert Griffin III it is obvious that smaller quarterbacks with speed, agility, and poise are able to play the game at this level. If you give Chip Kelly one of those 2 quarterbacks in Cleveland they would fight for a playoff spot annually. Pete Carroll’s success in Seattle has been with a good defense, which Cleveland does have, a unique quarterback, Cleveland does not have, good wide receivers, Cleveland has a single good wide out, and a tough running back, Cleveland definitely has this. Cleveland is but a few things away from being about to do what Seattle has done in 2012.

Give Chip Kelly a chance in Cleveland. He will need time to install his brand of offense and that means 3-5 years. The Browns need stability and something to invigorate their team as well as fan base. Chip Kelly took Oregon and made them terrifying. The Browns defense stands its ground well and it needs an offense that will not be stagnant, that is where Chip Kelly thrives. Pat Shurmur was never an offense guru, neither was Eric Mangini. Chip Kelly is different. He uses a brand of football foreign to the NFL and especially to the AFC North. Right now the Browns have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Giving Chip Kelly the keys to this franchise would bring excitement to the organization and poster them back into the NFL’s storyline. Give him a shot. Who else would you hire? Lovie Smith? Ken Wisenhunt? Don’t make me laugh. Do something smart. Hire Chip Kelly.

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