NFL Firings

Black Monday has come and several coaches and GM’s are no long employed.

– The NY Jets have decided to keep Rex Ryan (for now) and fire GM Mike Tannenbaum, essentially sealing Rex Ryan’s fate with Mark Sanchez who will probably be let go after the 2013-2014 season.

– The Jacksonville Jaguars have fired GM Gene Smith. This is no surprise, considering that he is who decided to draft Blaine Gabbert, the quickest flame out in recent memory, as well as Justin Blackmon who has been abysmal. The next GM will probably aim to trade MJD while he has some value and essentially restart everything. Luckily they have a good defense. Tebow might come to town as an easy ticket seller and an in-between for the quarterback situation. Despite my disdain for Tebow, he is a better option than Chad Henne and a half eaten corpse is better than Blaine Gabbert.

– Cleveland Browns new ownership has fired both head coach (in name only) Pat Shurmur and GM Tom Heckert. The writing was on the wall after football czar and hotdog eating enthusiast Mike Holmgren left at the beginning of the season. Both Heckert and Holmgren are to blame for losing out of Robert Griffin III and for the disastrous picks of Fui Vakapuna, Greg Little, Montario Hardesty and Brandon Weeden. The Browns are again in recover mode and nailing a seasoned vet head coach seems best for them right now. Think Andy Reid.

– The Philadelphia Eagles fired Andy Reid. Obviously considering just above this I said the Browns should look at Reid. This just made sense and wasn’t totally Reid’s fault. Andy Reid had a solid team just 2 years ago and it all fell apart when the defense unraveled and the offense ran out of gas. Sticking with a team over 10 years is an accomplishment and Reid is better than most available coaches there.

– The Chargers part ways with Norv Turner and GM A.J. Smith finally. Smith is well known as one of the worst GM’s in the game.For lack of a better term he has been called, “a callous asshole” among other things. Smith has let huge talent walk away such as Darren Sproles, Michael Turner and Ladanian Tomlinson for whatever flavor of the week he has found that he thinks is better. Philip Rivers tenor as a starter is coming to an uneventful end and new management and coaching will definitely be looking beyond the half-ass offense that currently holds set in the bay area.

– The Kansas City Chiefs fired portly head coach and sad looking human being Romeo Crennel. Why he was hired as the head coach in the first place is still hard to understand. What is harder to understand is how GM Scott Pioli still has his job. He has made disastrous draft decisions such as Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson and engineered the wasteful trade for Matt Cassel. The Chiefs have the first pick in this years draft and they will probably flub that too.


– In a surprise move the Chicago Bears fire Lovie Smith. Smith missed the playoffs and has been released for it and for a terrible slide to losing their playoff spot to the Minnesota Vikings in week 17. Jay Cutler still gets sacked too much and the defense is aging, but still good. They need an offensive line so look for an offensive mind to take over the Bears top position.

– Chan Gailey has been re-leaved from his head coaching position from the Buffalo Bills. This is not surprising as the Bills are a terrible franchise. The Bills are again in disarray and have a bunch of money rolled into their defense as well as quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. They will need to decide what to do with Fred Jackson as well as CJ Spiller. A trade seems likely for at least one of them. Coaching wise they are like the Raiders, a black hole for some poor rookie.

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