Kim and Kanye Are Pregnant? 10 Reasons I Don’t Give A Damn.

Ugh… let’s be honest here. No one with an ounce of soul or thought gives a damn about this. Kanye West has become one of the most self absorbed entertainers in recent memory. He constantly reminds us he is the best thing to ever grace the earth. His girlfriend is no better. Kim Kardashian is famous for taking a mouthful of Ray J, otherwise known as Moesha’s brother. Kim Kardashian has been pimped by her mother, who very slyly owns the rights to her daughters half ass porn and sold it, all in order to make the Kardashian a household name. I dislike both of these people as you should too. The fact that these 2 egos have decided to make a child is both disturbing and annoying. So to explain my disdain here are the 10 reasons I don’t give a damn about them having a baby.

10. Kanye is going insane.

If you have been paying attention to Kanye West specifically, he has been slowly going insane since his mother’s death. Kanye has become entirely too egotistical and has made himself into a complete asshat. While I do not care for Taylor Swift, look at what he did to her. He jumped up to scratch the back of Beyonce and Jay-Z because he was absolutely smashed. Kanye has been losing it more and more everyday. It’s like watching a Syfy movie with the plot of a Lifetime movie.

9. Kim Kardashian is worthless.

Seriously what has she done? She goes to 3rd world countries for publicity and does absolutely nothing. During one of her fake tours to poor countries, she refused to leave the comfort of her hotel and instead forced the children she was arranged to have basically a photo-op with to come to the hotel. Here kids, this is running water, air conditioning and comfortable furniture, you get to hangout here for as long as this self-obsessed bitch wants to use you for propaganda.

8. Their kid’s name will probably begin with a ‘K’ or have a meaning behind it they explain on EVERY show they force their way onto.

This is what is going to be annoying. This kid will have some sort of name that they go to each and every talk show to talk about and explain. I can see it now, “You know Kim and I know whad’im sayin’ were like, ya know, we like, we need to use this name know whadda mean? We jus like, we can’t explain how much we like, love dis kid ya know, its like our pride, ya know whad’im sayin’?” Ugh.

7. The Kardashian show will continue.

WHY CAN’T THIS JUST END. The show is absolutely pointless. I’ve stated before, my utter disdain for reality TV. Reality is what you and I do everyday, go to work, fight, masturbate, cry, sleep, pet your cat, that is reality. Waking up and not having to do anything because you a raking in millions sitting on your ass. People that watch this are unintelligent.

6. Great 10 more minutes of Kim Kardashian in the news.

Seriously if you look up tabloid whore Kim Kardashian’s picture is there. She consistently dates anyone to keep her relevant, going as far as getting married to reestablish her popularity. This girl is doing the opposite of what Paris Hilton did. At least Hilton got out of our lives for the most part and is just living her filthy rich life, Kim Kardashian so bad wants people to worship her. She thinks she is Cleopatra, unfortunately Cleopatra had intelligence as well as slutiness.

5. More Kris Jenner.

She may have my vote for worst mom in reality TV. That is quite a feat. Kris Jenner is a shrewd business woman who will exploit anything for gain. This kid will be exploited to a magnitude we have never seen. Kris Jenner wanted to exploit the 2 youngest of the family, but Bruce (thank god) wouldn’t allow it. Kris Jenner can sniff out anything to make an extra buck and this kid will be a cash cow.

4. Kanye West’s following album.

Kanye West was actually really good at one point years ago. I found him refreshing, but no more. Kanye will no doubt make his album cover of him holding his child with some dumbass catch phrase title. Half his songs will be about his kid and the Kardashian he is currently plugging.

3. Keeping up with the Kardashians… now with Kanye!

Dear Lord this is going to be awful. I don’t watch the show, but it will inevitably make the rounds on talk shows as well as all the internet sites. Its like watching a sitcom where they keep adding new characters to try to spice up other characters. In this case, Kim Kardashian is so uninteresting that she constantly has to be banging someone insane or morbid. That’s why Kris Humphries didn’t work out, he is too sane.

2. The baby pictures.

Why is this here? Because the pictures won’t be about the baby, it will be about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I am waiting for Kanye to wear something crazy as hell looking and Kim to wear something that is totally not something you should wear while holding a child. The pictures will not be about the baby, it will be about the career continuation of both Kim K. and Kanye.

1. The Inevitable wedding.

Remember how we all had to know about the Kim Kardashian wedding? It was everywhere. Even f–king ESPN carried some stuff about it. The only thing I look forward to in this is whatever crazy as hell thing Kanye decides to wear. This will be a bunch of fake crying and crapping editing. I would rather slit my own wrists than have to edit the video for this faker than fake wedding ceremony. The only thing we can hope for is a really messy divorce, because since Kanye is bats–t insane, we at least know he wouldn’t leave without doing something to make himself look like a psycho. Thank you Kanye for being a psycho at least.

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