Yes, Tebow Refusing To Play For The Jets Is In Fact A Story

I have recently read several articles either condemning Tim Tebow for refusing to play in the Jets or telling people to leave him be and that it is going too far. Both sides are claiming to be right and both have merit, but what is a fact is that this is a story because of who Tebow claims to be. While I understand that Tebow has been criticized for some asinine things (personal choices, religion), he loses that when he brings those into the field and wields them as a righteous sword that both he and his literal followers use as a reasoning to why he should be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

What Tebow did (yes, despite a second hand source he did) was basically refuse to play. Tebow did one of the most un-Tebow things you can do. Despite ESPN reporting Tebow did not request this, the length of time it took coupled with Rex Ryan refusing to acknowledge it shows differently. Add on that Jeremy Kerley ran it against the Chargers and as if to make us all laugh, threw a touchdown in Tebow’s place. What I question is, does Tebow know the reality yet or is he also diluted?

Before we continue let me start with this: DO NOT use his religious beliefs as a reason to why he should start. That is NOT a valid argument and carries no merit. It also shows a low IQ and an uneducated form of dialogue. This is sports not a crusade.

With that out of the way, Tim Tebow has “always been” a team player. That is what he rides on. His gaggle of fans always push forth his holier than thou image and with this coming out it harms that. That isn’t even the real story funny enough. Tebow has no right to do what he did, he has no leverage. Who decided he should go to the New York Jets? He did. You can use the, “Mark Sanchez sucks and Tebow might have started” argument and you are definitely right to think that, but there was no chance. Sanchez makes $8 million and Tebow makes $4 million. Depending on Tebow’s playing time his salary can jump up to Sanchez’s $8 million area so playing Tebow was a literal last option from the minute they wasted a draft pick trading for him.

Tebow is not fully at fault though despite my loathing of him. The Jets bumblef–ked everything from the word go. The front line is not good beyond Nick Mangold, they have no wide receiving corps, their running game is a comic reel and the defense was the only piece of glue holding anything together. After having to deal with Mark Sanchez leading the league in turnovers through the last 2 years, your defense is going to falter. It just happens. The Jets were dead in the water by week 4 and got Mortal Kombat Fatality’d by the New England Tom Brady’s otherwise known as the infamous butt fumble week.

Tebow though has always been coddled and has rarely had to deal with both competition and bad situations. In Florida he was coddled by then coach Urban Meyer despite looking worse in practice than Carolina Panthers starter Cam Newton while he was at Florida. In his first year at Denver then head coach Josh McDaniel’s wanted to show his first round pick was solid and started Tebow the last few weeks which were 50/50 with success. In his second year he took over a deflated Broncos team and, due to his unique playing style helped lead them to the playoffs. People forget that the Broncos lost their final 3 games and thanks to the ineptness of the Raiders, made it to the playoffs.

If the consensus was that Tebow could play quarterback in the NFL more than 2 teams would be interested in a young player who commands huge jersey sales and TV audiences. It’s because in a 16 game season Tebow cannot handle what a team needs in order to win a Superbowl or really to make it to the playoffs. Tebow made the playoffs in one of the worst divisions in the NFL. The fact of the matter is there are only 2 teams Tebow has any chance to start for at all, either the Jaguars or the Cardinals. Both teams are terrible and especially in the quarterback position. Tebow will get a chance, but this will seemingly be the final one. I for one will be happy once he either succeeds (doubt it) or fails as a starter so we can be rid of this discussion. Even if he does fail, it won’t be blamed on him by the Tebowites. Because to them he can do no wrong, and that’s the real problem in this story.

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