The NRA Blames Video Games and Generally Looks Insane

Well there it is people, the NRA has officially come up with a response (after 1 week) to the killings at Sandy Hook. Do they talk about how mental health is an issue that needs helped instead of criminalized? No. Do they take partial responsibility for gun advocacy that is bordering on a walking militia at all times? No. Do they say that assault rifles and extended clips  should have more regulation and people need to relax and not spend billions on weapons, ammo and body armor? No. What they do instead is blame television, radio, video games, mental illness and say all of our schools… ALL of them, need to have armed guards at all times. The NRA is literally f–king insane.

I am pro-gun rights, I believe weapons should be free for anyone to own. I don’t think people are generally stupid enough to think that carrying an assault weapon, automatic pistol or grenades is a safe way to protect ones self in the real world. The easiest way to avoid such things is to avoid the situations. Take the Sandy Hook situation. The killer (refuse to name him) had killed his mother, took her fully legal and registered guns, went to the elementary school, walked in essentially unnoticed and went into the principles office. After a short conversation where she tried to talk him down, he gunned her down and proceeded to do one of the most disturbing things you can, kill innocent people and children. Could a teacher have gunned him down? Yes. Do I think a teacher has the right to carry a gun? Yes. What happens when a teacher, who is hot-headed and tired of the stupid little f–k that keeps talking shit to him, pulls his gun out and uses it as a way to shut him up? Is that ok? Is threatening someone with a gun ok to achieve what you need? My guess is no and if you don’t think this WILL happen you are an idiot.

What about if some kids realize that their teacher has a gun? Know where it is and (let’s assume they are able to) how to pick the lock. Or even just break the lock. They take out the gun, they are tired of the asshole football players and cheerleaders picking on them, calling them names. They shoot and kill several of these teens then off themselves. All you did was keep the student from needing to find or buy a weapon. You had it right there for him at his disposal. This WILL happen if you have dozens of teachers with guns in their rooms.

School is where the weak and the strong meet. It’s where you find out which side of life you are going. It is where you find out who you are, where you fit and what you are to become. Some people cannot handle this and commit suicide. If they know they can get to a teachers weapon and take a few of the people who have engineered their hatred, who is to stop them? A teacher will inevitably forget their weapon or just leave it because, “hey I don’t need it right now” while they go eat lunch, go to the bathroom or any other daily habits we all have. All you have done is bring the violence closer and taken a kid with depression and possibly mental issues and given them a golden egg sitting right in front of them to take all of their problems out with 9 to 12 rounds. Firing a gun is not rocket science and any kid who has watched a movie or an NRA certified training montage on Youtube can easily figure out to fire a gun you pull the trigger. Taa Daaaaaaaa.

Blaming entertainment is the oldest trick in the book and when you do this, all you show is incompetence. Unfortunately for the NRA gun violence and shootings have occurred since before video games, movies and music became mainstream or “violent” and “vulgar” as they put it. Blame Call of Duty, Halo, and Homefront all you want, gun violence is not attributed to them. When you blame something like video games, you are blaming an virtual gun culture, all while Wayne LaPierre was saying how guns and gun culture was not to blame for shooting deaths. Is he serious? If you want to say guns don’t kill people that’s fine, technically you’re right. To say that video games and guns in them kill people is not just stupid, but insane. You know who loses a life in a video game? No one. No one actually dies while in a game. Give this same kid access to an AR-33 or Glock with pent up aggression to release and he will find those who have caused him pain. What it does then is take kids who have been getting bullied and taking them from victims to murderers.

The NRA is right to defend the freedom of armament, but to shift blame from their excess of gun culture to the entertainment culture and more specifically video game culture is disturbing. You say that if video games are how we get our kicks, how we kill people online for satisfaction, that it is the most vile form of pornography. You Wayne LaPierre, who advocates for hunters, who relish in hunting defenseless animals for nothing more than sport, call first-person shooters pornography. Yes, because me sitting in my room, playing a video game, leveling up is sadistic and disgusting compared to hunting a deer or moose, who has no defense beyond running. What do they have in common? The thrill of the kill. I get a thrill out of killing my opponent, of winning a game or being the best, you get the thrill out of the wait, the kill and the satisfaction of your weapon firing. The 2 go hand-in-hand to a degree. It is a gun culture, not a online compared to offline, a whole culture.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun” – Wayne LaPierre

This sentence makes no sense. Who is a good guy? Who is a bad guy? Are gang bangers good guys because they haven’t killed anyone or shot up a school? Are policemen good guys even if they cut deals with gangs for money to look the other way? The definition of a good guy/bad guy are sketchy at best. Hell, what if the bad guy kills the good guy first? That alone just ends your logic. By saying that the only way to curb gun violence is to advocate “good guys” to use more weapons is both stupid and ignorant. Until we, as a culture, learn to understand and respect guns, we will never be able to understand what we should. The argument of Israel schools have armed teachers is a terrible argument, they are surrounded by enemies, we are surrounded by ourselves. What you advocated today is on your hands, every death in a school that is caused by a gun owned by a school, teacher or armed guard is officially on the NRA’s hands. You claim to want to hold our rights in place, but you have advocated exactly what the Totalitarian USSR did. Guns everywhere all the time in front of everyone. You want a permanently armed citizenship but you don’t want to teach them about weapons, weapon safety and what is ok about not using guns.

Stop blaming video games, movies, music and everything else. You have some fault to this just as anyone else does. Accept that you have a culture surrounding guns, for guns and for gun use. You want to keep guns out of schools by putting guns in schools, you want to protect everyone with the vary weapons they fear. It doesn’t matter how many armed guards you have, if someone, or some group, want to kill people they will find more armor and stronger weapons. Every new defense creates a more powerful offense to counteract. Stop acting like you have no fault. Teach instead of dictate, but mostly stop being so close minded and misguided. When you can define a “good guy” please get back to me. I’m going to go play Call of Duty and NOT kill any real people, you sit there and keep spewing your rhetoric and being f–king insane.

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