Here We Go Over the Fiscal Cliff

Well since all of our politicians have their heads up their asses, we are headed over this so called fiscal cliff. Now if they wanted they could repeal the little mandatory cuts and tax increases that are in effect in the beginning of 2013 by just… you know… saying they are no longer happening. That simple. Instead we have a bathroom sword fight going on between the President and the House of Representatives. John Boehner (Boner… still funny) attempted to initiate a vote on his “Plan B” to avoid the cliff, but it failed. It failed so much in part because he couldn’t even get his own party to back it. So why? Why is Boehner looking so bad, why are Republicans again doing absolutely nothing and where is Obama in all of this?

Well to start of with the President, he is sitting back and letting everything happen. He has nothing to worry about both because there is no election he has to worry about and his democratic base honestly will take little to no financial hit. Taxes will slightly go up, spending on defense will FINALLY go down some and the GOP will be the ones looking bad.

Obama has played this hand about as well as he can. He keeps saying that the wealthy need to have increased tax rates and the GOP in return keeps saying no tax hikes period, who will win out in a time period where 98% of the country is fed up with fat cats and essentially 21st century Robber Barons. The GOP is not acting again and if they don’t they will have a repeat of 2012 in the 2016 elections.

The problem the GOP has is that it lost seats in the Senate and the House. It lost the Presidency by a landslide and still is trying to hold onto it’s dying principles. It’s one thing to be pro-business, I’m all for that, but using the 47% argument is killing them. It’s like watching someone kill themselves slowly from the inside out. More and more people (younger people and minorities) are being taken away from the GOP because of their rhetoric. Is it old news about the, “legitimate rape” comment or the, “Rape babies are still gifts from God” comment, yes. That doesn’t matter though because those comments encompass the GOP, embody it.

Anti-abortion, against women’s rights, anti-free choice, pro-big business, anti-Muslim, Dems are Commies, Entitlement programs destroy America, Gays destroy marriage. These things are what the GOP has been reduced to. A man who firebombed a mosque in Cleveland, Ohio was asked why and he said he got a bit too hyped up from watching FOX News. It isn’t even news anymore, it is fear mongering. The problem is that the GOP stronghold base of white adults is diminishing while the Democratic base of minorities, college students and progressive minded people is expanding more and more. Instead of confronting this head-on and opening their ideals, they hide behind the Tea Party, lose more and more and then wonder why. I mean simply put, are they this ignorant or are they this afraid of their own constituents?

The common belief is that a house divided is a house in loss. Look at the Reagan Presidency for example. The Democratic party was divided because of what is dubbed the Reagan Democrats. No Democrat had a chance in beating Reagan because of his Charisma and the public really liked him. This exact same model is happening to the GOP and these old men can’t seem to figure it out. Paul Ryan failed to bring in even his own state, Marco Rubio is forced to tread lightly so he doesn’t piss off the Hispanic base that helped him win in the first place and the rest of the Tea Party love bugs are not strong enough to do much. The problem is that since the Tea Party took over the Republican Party, almost everything has been downhill. It doesn’t hurt that they lie to themselves to make it seem better than it is. From Dick Morris to Glenn Beck, every right-wing pundit predicted a Romney landslide and they were only right about the landslide part. Now they are left picking up the pieces and still asking what the f–k happened.

Democrats are finally in a place where doing nothing is a positive for them. This is good considering that the Democrats are really good at doing nothing. The GOP is having to force hand and John Boehner, trying to be the leader he is suppose to be, is being filibustered by his own party. They refuse to raise tax rates at all, instead they want to cut spending in the sectors that need it the most. If you cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security you are going to absolutely piss off everyone and a majority of the GOP base either is or will be on Social Security and Medicare relatively soon. This is also funny considering that all 3 of the programs are actually self-sustained so it would literally deviate our tax money from ourselves to Wall Street coffers.

The GOP is losing and losing badly right now. You can listen to FOX and listen to your favorite right-wing pundits tell you different, but the fact is the GOP is divided. There are the old schoolers and the Tea Party extremists. Both of these sects do not get along. The old school wants to realign (for the most part) back to the middle in order to gain more voter trust and become less rhetoric based while the Tea Party wants to go further right and establish essentially a Theocracy. Until minorities, gays, single mothers and college age people can feel comfortable with the GOP representatives they will continue to decline and in 2016 it looks like a redux of 2012.

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