Mark Sanchez is a Top-5 Quarterback Bust

After watching the Jets play last night I feel secure in what I said about Mark Sanchez when he came into the NFL Draft, he isn’t good. Sanchez last night had a 32.6 quarterback rating compared to Tebow, who threw 1 pass of which it was out of bounds to avoid a sack and he still had a 39.6 quarterback rating. Somehow 7 points higher.

This is the real Mark Sanchez. You were flubbed by his campaign last year where he finally made it to the caliber of Joe Flacco (also bad). In 2011-12 Sanchez played well, 3,474 passing yards, 26 TDs, 18 INTs, 6 rushing TDs and 8 fumbles lost. All of that despite being sacked 39 times, again played well. Hidden in that is a telling stat, he only completes a median of 54% of his passes, not just for the 2011-2012 season, but for his career. The Jets are bad and Mark Sanchez is in the halls of one of the worst quarterbacks I have ever witnessed.

I watched their game against the Titans last night, it was brutal to watch. At the beginning of the 2nd half Sanchez had a whopping 18 net yards passing. It seems like the pundits are finally realizing that Sanchez doesn’t have the mental make-up to play in the NFL. He has been assisted in his 4 seasons by a solid defense and until this year, by a solid veteran running game (Thomas Jones then Tomlinson). Sanchez was suppose to develop, to get better, to become a quarterback basically. Instead he has regressed and even pro-Sanchez critics are finally saying he is regressing. This season has been an absolute disaster with Sanchez at the helm.

Eventually the Jets and illegitimate owner Woody Johnson need to figure out what the hell the gameplan is. Rex Ryan is probably gone as is GM Mike Tannenbaum so you are left with a new regime and really only 2 options at quarterback. You can suck it up and start Tebow who you will then have to pay a huge amount of money for his playing time or you can go with McElroy and reset everything. Shonn Greene is bad, Sanchez is awful and the defense is getting worse and old. When you have to go get Braylon Edwards again to shore up your receiving core, you already know nothing is going right.

Is Sanchez the worst ever? No that is still and will always be between Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf, but all I ever heard was how good Sanchez was going to be, how he was going to save the Jets and deliver and in all honesty, he is awful and Alex Smith would have been a better choice. Sanchez never got better, never made that leap into at minimum a game manager. Sanchez never made the Jets a Superbowl contender, he never was going to be more than 18 TDs and 15 INTs on a regular basis. I dislike Tebow’s skill set, but he at least innovates and has a winning mentality. He can at least fire the team up. Sanchez seems uninterested and can’t seem to understand why it isn’t like USC where they destroyed scrub teams and just outplayed people.

To me he is one of the worst kinds of players, you think he is going to be good, you are waiting for him to get better and he doesn’t. Sanchez as I said, has regressed. Just look at many of his interceptions this year, they are just difficult to comprehend how he, a 4th year NFL quarterback, threw that awful of a pass. Sanchez has had his chance and he has only gotten worse. He never had any back-up who could take his job until Tebow (it was Mark Brunnel). Since Tebow’s arrival he hasn’t handled it well and has regressed to a fault and now he is going to be either cut or benched in 2013.

The Jets are going into the 2013 off-season needing a whole new offense, coaching staff and management. The Sanchez experiment failed and unfortunately in order to play quarterback in the NFL you need talent, composure and the ability to read coverage. Sanchez just got out of the shower and tried to throw his towel into the hamper, it was promptly intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

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