Connecticut Shooting Leaves 26 Dead Including 20 Children [UPDATES]

This morning 18 20 Children (mostly kindergarteners) lost their lives along with 6 adults. One shooter, who used a .223 caliber rifle, is dead while another suspect is in custody. I am refusing to put the shooters name. I will not memorialize him in any way.

Latest information stats that the shooter was 20 years old.

20 year old suspect is dead inside of the school, believed to have some sort of connection to the school itself. [1:50pm]

The man is reported to be the father of a student of the school. He had 4 weapons and body armor. [2:12pm]

One of the shooters parents is found dead in their home in New Jersey via NBC News on twitter. [2:23pm]

Shooters name is [redacted]. His mother was a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook. [2:26pm]

SWAT teams are searching the second suspect’s house right now.


Leave your politics and bullshit at the door please. Gun control should not be discussed right now, people and hideously enough, children, lost their lives.

In memory of them…

3 comments on “Connecticut Shooting Leaves 26 Dead Including 20 Children [UPDATES]

  1. i pray for all of the families that lost a loved one today and i pray that the families will be able to recover over this and that this never happens again to anybody that should have not ever happened in the first place and i hope that it never happens to anybody god bless the families that lost a child or adult

  2. If you have been doing your homework over the past ten years, instead of watching television, then you would know that the recent Connecticut shooting is a blatant set-up designed to build public support for gun control laws so that iron-fisted, police-state communism can be imposed on the United States of America. The only thing preventing this from happening is the hundreds of millions of guns in the possession of US citizens today which makes them a force that cannot be reckoned with. Don’t be a willfully ignorant muppet. The easiest way to build public support for gun control laws is to shoot children, which is exactly what happened in Connecticut.

    The most pressing need right now is for US citizens to recognize that it wasn’t some 20-year old white, American male who went beserk and decided to start killing children before killing himself. It was a military operative, possibly somebody in the Mossad, who killed these children before turning his gun on the 20-year old patsy and executing him. If you think that this massacre is the work of a 20-year old and if you believe in the sincerity of Barack Obama so that you are blind to the fact that he is a sociopath who displays no genuine emotion at all but is simply putting on an act to deceive all of you as the front-man for the people who want gun control, then you are truly ignorant and I find your inability to discern truth to be utterly repulsive.

    And who is it who wants gun control in the United States of America? It’s the Jews who want it, together with tens of millions of useless, blind, deceived Christians in the United States of America who the Jews have well and truly duped. Jews run the United States of America lock, stock and barrel and now they want to disarm the citizens through gun control so that they can impose an iron-fisted police state on the USA which will be characterised by the bleakest communism that you can imagine.

    Jews hate Jesus Christ with a seething hatred, which is why they moved to ban prayer from schools and which is why this Connecticut massacre was executed right before Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, in order to completely overshadow it and push it to the margins. Every year there’s bloodshed around Christmas time in order to divert attention away from the birth of Jesus Christ.

    Wake up, America. Your beautiful country that I lived in for two years as a child has been taken over by sociopaths – Jews. If you let them have your guns, you are truly finished. They’re going to slaughter you so that your blood runs in the streets, just like they slaughtered the family of the Russian Czar when they forced communism upon Russia last century, along with tens of millions of Russian Christians and just like these children have been slaughtered.

    I despise the cowardly, who sit impassively and ally themselves with the wicked in their conceit, self-satisfaction and reckless ignorance.


    The Port Arthur massacre in Australia in April, 1996 was a set-up with Martin Bryant as the innocent patsy, just as this recent Connecticut massacre was a set-up. John Howard, who is secretly a Freemason, was fully aware that the Port Arthur massacre was a set-up and did everything he could to ensure that the truth never saw the light of day. The purpose of the Port Arthur massacre was to build public support for gun control in Australia and, as the new Prime Minister of Australia from the previous month’s election, John Howard played his part in getting these gun control laws through. The parallel with the recently re-elected Barack Obama is striking.

    • While I agree with some parts of your argument, I am very much anti-religion and so I must say that the whole Jews anti-Jesus thing and trying to destroy Christianity argument is rough at best. Shootings occur all the time outside of out country, but this recent one hit everyone because innocent 6-7 year old children lost their lives. Religion is nothing more than an easy way to stir the pot, so I view a majority of your argument with no validity. Christians/Catholics outnumber the Jewish people by a wide margin, Jews do not want to destroy Christianity, it is their only religious ally. Both however want to destroy and end Islam/Muslims. They both have tried several times for 1000s of years unsuccessfully.

      PS- Christmas was not the actual birth of Jesus. Technically he was born somewhere between July and September. Christmas was actually a Pegan holiday where they would exchange gifts and it was hijacked by Christianity around the time of Constantine. These are facts. Don’t base your evidence on word of mouth and instead use facts. If your facts come from the Bible well I hope you like my facts from the Iliad and the Odyssey which came before the Bible therefore I deem them more factual because they are older. That is called terrible logic.

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