Steven Crowder gets Slugged. Whines About It on FOX News. [UPDATED W/ VIDEO]

So if you missed this video you missed political comedian (he is less funny than Dane Cook) Steven Crowder getting decked by a Union member during a protest of the Michigan right-to-work bill being passed. Crowder then went directly back to his mommy (FOX) to complain about getting socked in the face.

“I literally believe, Sean [Hannity], that if I had defended myself at all, even flicked a small little jab, that they would have killed me…”

I literally agree with him, but is it the union man’s fault that you got in the way and pissed them off in order to save people in a tent who were being just as vulgar and vicious? No.

You set yourself up for failure, you went into a hot bed of 2 groups who detest each other and began asking questions, which is fine, but then you began to go overboard. This is an angry mob of people who are protesting and in case you have lived under a rock lately, protest usually has some sort of violence to it. Hell even the ever loved Tea Party group was founded in the name of a violent protest that happened in Boston.

While Crowder got punched, did we forget about James O’Keefe trying to humilate CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau sexually in order to discredit her as a whore who will do anything for a story? This is the same party that wants us to believe that there is in fact, versions of rape, or at least until that becomes widely unpopular then they back off of it.

Am I saying that what the man did was right in decking Crowder? No not at all, but Crowder set himself up for it. As one of the many negative comments on the YouTube video by user tobiashimself says,

“Go down to a protest and act like a douche, someone might swing at you”

The simple point to make to Crowder is that when you make yourself a target immediately, you rouse the crowd who disagrees with you. You, a single person, were not going to stop the protestors from cutting down the tent of their Tea Party counterparts. Welcome to protest and counter-protest. As many people say, sometimes s–t happens.

You are a mildly known figure and you are well known for purposely putting yourself in the middle of things to get your story, to get another 15 minutes of fame from FOX News and other GOP friendly outlets. What is a comedian? Someone who uses satire to make people laugh. You are not a comedian, you are a political pundit and puppet, because between you and Dennis Miller, the right-wing continues to look like the most unfunny and hypocritical group out there.

Mr. Crowder you have no ones sympathy for being an asshole and doing anything possible to goad someone into striking you so you can continue the story of evil union “thugs” and their violent ways. You seem to forget abortion doctors who have been shot at or even killed by right-wing violence, legitimate rape and demeaning someone who is gay for being no different beyond sexual preference. No, we shouldn’t feel sorry for them, they are evil leftists, we should feel sorry for Steven Crowder for being a jackass and getting hit on camera.

You scream “Hey look at me I need attention!” like a 16 year old girl when you make the title of your Youtube video, “UNIONS ASSAULT ON CAMERA!!” Who the hell uses 2 exclamation points? Stop crying for attention and going into a hostile area spouting rhetoric and defending one groups right to protest over another. I guarantee you if roles had been reversed and the union group had their tent tore down you would have stood by and laughed, cracked anti-union jokes and high fived the people you agree with. Stop with the hypocrisy. The union protestors have exactly the same rights as your Koch brothers invested protestors, like it or not.

So I say this Steven Crowder, grow up, don’t be a child and don’t challenge this man who hit you to a UFC octagon fight just to feed your disturbing ego. You had less damage than a high school slap fight and yet you are saying you want this man to come forward so you can send him to jail? Sorry, but you are slower than Sarah Palin’s youngest kid (< that Mr. Crowder, is comedy). You edit your videos to give you the upper hand in your arguments, but then again who doesn’t do that. I would love to see the rest of the footage and see what you say to your cameraman just before you decide to lay your hands on a man and push him away.

I don’t feel bad for someone who puts themselves in harms way purposely, then cries about it later. You did the equivalent of a white guy going into Brooklyn and yelling the N-word at the top of his lungs. It is currently 10:50am in my time zone in Ohio and Fox News has already moved on from your little escapade, Glenn Beck mentioned it for exactly 5 minutes and I expect to hear it for around 1 segment from Rush at noon today, your 15 minutes are up as soon as Sean Hannity is done this evening and then you go back into obscurity until you piss off someone purposely again and get your ass kicked again then whine about it AGAIN. So again, was it ok that you took a slugging? No, but you earned it Steven.


Here is a video of a witness saying how Americans for Prosperity, the anti-union Koch brothers funded group set up this union “thug” video that made waves across FOX News and other pundits and outlets.

2 comments on “Steven Crowder gets Slugged. Whines About It on FOX News. [UPDATED W/ VIDEO]

  1. I thought I heard Beck say that this guy was some big martial arts fighter but chose not to defend himself? If he really was a fighting expert, why wouldn’t he fight back in this situation?

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