NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Patriots Soar, Cardinals L-O-L

The NFL is getting ever so closer to ending the season and right now everything is just crazy. Up is down, left is right, and some teams are just awful while others are amazing. The Patriots decimated the Texans and the Seahawks played a practice squad team, needless to say we have an interesting set up for the coming end of the season playoff scenarios.

Certain teams are unraveling while others are only getting stronger. Here is your week 14 power rankings.

1. New England Patriots- After absolutely destroying the Texans, the Patriots have reestablished themselves as the best team. With a running game and a much improved defense the only thing that can slow this team’s offense is commercial breaks.

2. Denver Broncos- From their offense to their defense they are clicking everywhere. Manning has a running game and the best defense since his Superbowl win against the Bears. Denver has only lost to New England, Atlanta and Houston, but that was early in the season. They are much better now.

3. Houston Texans- After getting handled by Tom Brady and New England, the Texans have a lot of work to do in order to still stand tall against the best of the NFL. They still have Foster and a good pass rush, but their secondary got torched and Schaub is regressing.

4. San Francisco 49ers- Kaepernick is playing well and added the extra dimension of a running ability to the fold. The defense is still solid and the running game is getting better and better.

5.  Green Bay Packers- Rodgers is still Rodgers and the defense has found a good stride. They stuffed Megatron Sunday night and forced essentially a game winning turnover and destroyed the Lions hope of another playoff attempt.

6. New York Giants- Eli Manning is playing at a high level again and despite his mess ups he always seems to fix things. The addition of a stronger running game and good special teams play helps as well. Defense is still spotty and the secondary is still meh at best, but after harassing Drew Brees all game I give the defense some more credit this week.

7. Atlanta Falcons- I just don’t trust their offense. Losing to a bad Carolina team hurts their stock, but the real painful thing is watching the offense deteriorate for the last 3 weeks. Their running game is getting worse, Matt Ryan is regressing and the defense is unable to stop anyone save Drew Brees, but who isn’t stopping the Saints right now?

8. Seattle Seahawks- This isn’t just for the 58-0 beating, they have the best secondary in the game and a consistent offense. Lynch is only second to Adrian Peterson and Russell Wilson is the most quiet starting rookie QB doing good work. If they lose their 2 starting DBs they fall dramatically.

9. Baltimore Ravens- Losing to Charlie Batch and then Kirk Cousins back-to-back is really what this team is now. They still have Ray Rice and a good offensive line, but the defense has gone from great to just good.

10. Chicago Bears- Their offensive line is worse than a pile of used condoms. If you ever wondered why Jay Cutler has no emotion its because when you get hit so often you lose the ability to do facial expressions. Defense is still good, but they cannot do much when their offense is stalled so often.

11. Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck is on fire and Vick Ballard is shaping into a reliable back. Reggie Wayne looks like himself again, TY Hilton is effective on special teams and the slot and the defense is playing with a new vigor. Still a young and inexperienced team, but Luck has given them hope.

12. Washington Redskins- RG3 is an amazing talent. Despite getting knocked out the Redskins made another smart draft day move with grabbing Kirk Cousins. The defense is still shaky, but with a time consuming offense they generally stay fresh. Still issues in the defense, but overall a solid team.

13. Minnesota Vikings- After beating the Bears, the Vikings have reestablished themselves into the playoff picture with Adrian Peterson. The defense is getting better but Ponder is still a liability. Look out for them though.

14. Cincinnati Bengals- They are a confusing bunch. They play very well, but seem to get stupid penalties or give up a big play. Despite that the defense is fast and effective and AJ Green is a monster. The Lawfirm is running better and Dalton is still solid. I put them over the Steelers because the Bengals play better on the road.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers- Nothing is really going right for them. The defense is getting worse and they are only a +14 in points. Roethlisburger still looks hurt and they have no running game to speak of. They are still the Steelers though, but they need some assistance to make a playoff run.

16. Dallas Cowboys- They won a game that I think was more on raw emotion, but still a W is a W. Dez Bryant is iffy the rest of the season and they still seem to make mistakes at the worst possible time. The defense is playing down to the competition and until they get it together, they will be an average team.

17. San Diego Chargers- Technically they are in the playoff hunt… but literally they are not. The Chargers always play well toward the end of the year so don’t be surprised if they go 8-8. Norv and AJ Smith need fired after this year in order to move forward.

18. New Orleans Saints- Brees is not himself and the Saints can no longer save their horrible defense and are allowing teams to obliterate them now. They need a whole new defense and next year is set to be interesting for this roughed up Saints team.

19. St. Louis Rams- They have rattled off 3 wins and a tie in a row and are much better than anyone thought they could have been. Indian Jesus (Bradford) is getting better and if this team can get healthy they could be a force. The defense is much improved, they jsut need to upgrade their wideouts.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- This team is still in-between. Good enough to be just around or over .500 but still a year or more away from legitimately contending in the playoffs. Need to upgrade their defense a bit more and shore up their offensive line and wide out position.

21. Cleveland Browns- Rattling off 3 wins in a row and possessing a .500 record in the conference is pretty good when you are stuck with Pat Shurmur as your head coach. The Browns are better than they look and have a stout defense. Still need a #1 wide receiver desperately and 1 or 2 more linebackers. Manti Te’o?…

22. Detroit Lions- Nothing is working right now. 5 losses in a row and this team feels like they are again the Lions of old. Offense has no run game and the defense can’t stop a QB to save it’s life.

23. Miami Dolphins- Despite their record, they are much better than they appear. Tannehill is coming along, albeit slowly. The defense is still very good, Reggie Bush is still good, but they need a #1 wide receiver to fix their offensive woes. Hartline is good, but not a #1.

24. Carolina Panthers- They showed the flaws of the Falcons. The Panthers are not playing for much, but they finally clicked offensively and their defense has actually be decent this year. Much more needs to be improved into the 2013 season.

25. New York Jets- They somehow keep pulling off wins. They luckily keep playing defenses that are bad against the run. Sanchez is getting worse by the week and Rex Ryan knows they are not Superbowl bound. Tebow is not playing… ever. This team is in rebuild mode starting in 2013.

26. Buffalo Bills- They are just… bad. They have so much to offer in running back CJ Spiller, but Fred Jackson is an injury machine. The Bills invested a lot in defense and it is working decently, but their offense has regressed more and more. This team is bad… again.

27. Tennessee Titans- This team is ugly. Bad all around. Defense is sad, offense is unable to move forward most times and they let Andrew Luck lead the Colts to a come from behind victory… down by multiple scores. The Titans have a lot of work and Chris Johnson owes everyone an explanation.

28. Philadelphia Eagles- They rallied and beat out Tampa Bay, but that doesn’t stop them from being awful. They have invested a lot in their defense and gotten nothing out of it. Reid will be gone soon and so will Vick. Rebuild mode initiated.

29. Kansas City Chiefs- Yes I know they are 2-11, but after the murder-suicide that hit the team they are playing with more vigor and more importantly Jamal Charles is back to his old running ways. Still, very bad.

30. Oakland Raiders- Awful defense… it is actually painful to watch. Palmer throws for so many yards because they are always losing. This team is just… the Raideriest team possible.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars- Chad “Xmas onesie” Henne is not that good, but his receivers are worse. Missing Cecil Shorts is making this offense even worse somehow and Justin Blackmon is really… really bad. The Jags defense is actually really good which is the saddest part of all.

32. Arizona Cardinals- After losing 58-0 they are by far the worst team in the NFL. Their quarterback situation is not actually a situation, a situation involves the possibility of fixing something. This team is abysmal and have rattled off 9 losses in a row. The Cardinals couldn’t be worse if they tried. This team needs to do something, anything to fix their QB situation. Now.

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