How About Liberals and Conservatives Work for Us for Once?

Every time I listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck all I hear is how they need to defeat, “the liberal agenda” or “progressives” in order to save America and end evil destructive entitlements and save the so called, “job creators.” Then  I switch over to Rachel Maddow, and I hear, “defeat the Conservative agenda…” or, “Stop the Tea Party.” My point here is both sides are regurgitating the same hate speech to the masses, making conservatives hate liberals and anything liberally based and making liberals hate conservative and tea party ideas.

While I myself lean more left I am very fiscally conservative, but both sides need to stop trying to prop their own platforms to destroy the other and instead work together to make all our lives, not just 47% or 53% of us (#RomneyMath) happy. The whole point is that the Bible belt for example, is a hot bed for everything conservative and GOP support there is basically a guarantee each election. As far as the conservative pundits go with their hatred for described “entitlements” they forget that the majority of their base use these “entitlements.” They are not entitlements, they are guarantees to sustain your life beyond your working years. Medicare and Social Security are there so that those who have worked a majority of their life can rest and relax and receive the return of their 30-40 years of payment to the system, not so they can live off of a nasty sounding word like entitlement. Its more of a self earned guarantee.

Another thing I cannot stand to hear is that, “47% of American’s don’t pay income tax.” That is technically right, but they forget to finish their own sentences. That 47% they speak of is the elderly who receive Social Security, which is not taxed, low income people who make under $20,000 a year, which is usually most high school and college kids, and those who are mentally or physically handicapped, which again, is untaxed. What do those who make under $20,000 pay? It is this thing called payroll tax which is basically income tax with a different name. Does this help their argument against “Communist” Obama? No.

Limbaugh the other day had a freak out that FOXCON, a Chinese Capitalist owned company (usually something GOPers love) was opening plants in America and was investing in American companies. Why? Because they are, as he puts it, “the ChiComs.” The Chinese are evil, because they own a lot of our debt and they are technically a Communist country, which big freedom loving Americans hate of coarse. We love Saudi Arabia though, despite women having no rights there and freedoms not existing.

Then there is the hate towards unions. Do unions need to do some self-induced reformation? Hell yes, but decimating unions is not going to help anyone in our country. Some of the most profitable and economically safe countries are union heavy, because unions guarantee certain rights and wages and conditions. These things cost money and the right-wings love for giant profits won’t allow that. The left is no better though, they want to put everything essentially in neo-liberal government power. Unions are necessary, they give those a chance to make a living wage. In this country a majority of people are making only between $8-$12/hr in the new service industry instead of the higher waged production industry which has moved to poor countries like China, India and the Asia’s.

Both sides continue to screw us, the regular people, in order to put forth their own personal agenda. No matter who democrats put forth, conservatives will hate them without knowing their ideas and vice versa. They have even gone as far as to say that FDR put forth Social Security and Medicare (entitlements remember?) in order to buy votes. He did it because this country was dying a slow and painful death. If you remove those guarantees to our citizens we become Greece and are stuck in austerity. Don’t believe me? Look at Europe, a continent that went the Neo-Conservative and Neo-Liberal way and it is in shambles, only being held together by the thread of Germany, which is ironic cause less than a hundred years ago they destroyed most of Europe, sorry kind of funny to me. We need to end neo-politics and focus more on increasing personal prosperity, not giving banks and wall street what they want. We tried that and it failed… horribly.

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