Australian DJ’s Not the Ones at Fault Here. Blame the Mainstream Media.

Michael Christian (L) and Mel Greig (R)

Aussie morning show hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian were fired by their parent company from 2Day FM after the shitstorm that ensued following the tragic suicide of nurse Jacintha Saldanha. Let me first say I send my condolences to the Saldanha family and her friends as well. Her untimely death is a tragedy and although my stance on suicide is not exactly friendly, I always feel for the family.

With that being said…

That these DJs are forced to suffer for something they did not plan on, nor something that they wanted to happen is disturbing. I am tired of people blaming these DJs for a truly harmless prank… hell it wasn’t even done well, they were purposely trying to get hung up on because that is the point of a prank call in radio, to piss off or irritate someone to a point so that they will just hang up… it’s funny. Greig and Christian did not take it too far, they did nothing that you could say really contributed to this woman’s death, they did a harmless action that has been going on in radio for the better part of 30 or 40 years. I am disgusted with media even more than usual.

After the news broke Saturday of Saldanha’s suicide, news outlets picked up on it in force. They lambasted both Christian and Greig for somehow causing this and to that I ask you if they are at fault? They are not. I said it in my Amanda Todd piece, suicide is a self decision that only you can make.

Why did this woman commit suicide? Because of embarrassment?! I strongly doubt that. She was, in my opinion, more than likely hounded and berated by the Royal Families staff for making such a mistake. She was probably harassed and scolded for her “stupidity” of thinking it was REALLY the Queen. If you are going to blame anyone blame the people who were closest and who goaded her or made her feel insignificant. If you truly think it was 2 DJs on the other side of the damn planet then you have the intelligence of a potato.

What these 2 did is what any morning show hosts do. They do little antics and mess with people and talk about the current events of the day. Prank phone calls have been a staple of morning show satire, Glenn Beck does his, Howard Stern does his and so forth and so on. It is just how radio operates, the listeners want to be entertained and hearing people make asses of themselves is what grabs listeners.

In the end of this 2 people lost their jobs despite doing nothing to actually cause this and one woman is no longer alive. This whole ordeal should not be blamed on 2 people who only wanted to have a laugh and entertain, nothing they did was to cause pain or harm, just a laugh at the expense of the Royal Family. So stop acting like these people are the bad guys and look at News Networks and those in power that demonized these DJs and the nurse. Maybe for once we should stop the politically correct machine and understand that sometimes… shit happens.

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