Video Game Attack Reviews: Far Cry 3

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Many games have changed and both failed and succeeded and that is no more apparent than the Far Cry series which has had its ups and downs. Far Cry was a unique entry into the gaming world with its free roam story line that involved mutated monster experiments, mercenaries and a mix of stealth and fire-fighting. Far Cry 2 changed things up, giving you the option to select from several different mercenaries and work with and against warring factions in order to find and kill a target known only as The Jackal. With Far Cry 3, you have the story style of Far Cry 2 mixed with the environment of the original Far Cry. In the arena of open world RPG’s does Far Cry 3 set itself up against the likes of Skyrim? Does it fall flat like Operation Flashpoint? Here is your review of Far Cry 3.


The game opens seeming like a kick ass party is ensuing. Everyone is partying and drinking and your listening to M.I.A.’s Paper Planes during this whole scene. It seems pretty damn awesome. Then the phone is pulled away and you realize you are tied up and a prisoner to a pirate named Vaas. Vaas is a premiere sadistic son of a bitch and plans on extorting money out of your parents. You, by the way, are Jason Brody. Your brother and you escape confinement and just as you are about to break for your escape, Vaas shoots your brother in the neck and he bleeds out. You are forced to run for it and after you survive a fall you are rescued by the island natives the Rakyat. From there you set out to save your remaining friends and your little brother. You have to hunt, scavenge and kill to save your friends and to get to Vaas.

The story is deep and full. You get connected to your character because he is just a carefree (pretty much lazy) person who has done very little with his life beyond live in luxury from his parents support. This kind of guy is not who you think of when hunting, foraging and fighting come to mind. That is what makes it so interesting. Throughout the game you witness Jason evolve from pampered pretty boy to ferocious killing machine. The transformation is fun to be a part of and you really get to make him into what you want him to be like. You can chose to stick to the shadows of stealth, use your agility to elude or just go balls out and make the island your personal firing range. Either way you put it this story is filled with a powerful essence that makes you become a feral instinctual beast and watching this switch from civilized to blood thirsty is a treat for any gamer.

Grade: A


If you played Far Cry 2 you will have a much easier time assimilating to the style. It isn’t hard to figure out, but it is unique. It is a mix of fast pace and stealth and allows you to choose how to play within the world. As I stated before, you can choose to run and gun or play hide and stab (fun game if the stabber). Hunting is essential to this game as it is the only way to upgrade your arsenal. In order to expand your map and unlock more free weapons, you need to go up to radio towers and cut off the blockers that have been set up by the pirates. As you do this you open your arsenal from a simple 1911 hand gun to a nice sleek MP5 (one of my personal favorites). You can also pay to upgrade your weapons with things such as laser sights, extended clips and suppressors to enhance your killing efficiency.

Aiming can be a hassle as it has an auto lock that is frugal at best. Sometimes its nice and makes it easier to down multiple enemies, but when it comes to hunting it becomes a complete liability. This comes to my first point for you to follow: get the damn bow as fast as possible. The bow has three major advantages to it, it is absolutely silent, it is consistently a one hitter quitter and you can retrieve your arrows from fallen foes. Guns are nice and I am a guy who loves his firefights and making things go boom, but nothing beats the effective silence of a simple bow and arrow.

The next thing to pay attention to is your environment, namely watch your ass in certain areas of the map. Not because of pirates, but because of animals, namely tigers, sharks, and crocodiles. Dear sweet lord watch out for the damn crocodiles. When you are in the areas they frequent or any sort of river, listen and pay attention because these bastards will show up out of nowhere.

This game is solid and offers a lot to do and accomplish. I recommend taking your time and enjoying yourself. There is plenty of time to do missions, but between hunting and side missions you will find the game a lot more fun and a lot easier in the long run to take your time, increase your storage space and upgrade your weapons. With so much to do treat it less like a time trial and more like Skyrim, enjoy yourself and take your time.

Grade: B+



The music that plays on the car radio makes me want to run over any deer I can see. The music is better than only Nickelback and Taylor Swift… and Avril Lavinge… she’s terrible too. Beyond that the in game sound effects of the tropical island are fantastic. It really takes you to this island and gives you a sense of isolation as well. In towns it feels lively and centralized just like a small village would be. When out and about, you can listen to your surroundings better than you can see them. You will hear a croc before you see it and it gives you a chance to turn and get the hell out of there which I advise at all costs. SERIOUSLY LOOK OUT FOR CROCS. The sounds of the tropics, the environment, animals and even just the wind or sea is enjoyable if not relaxing at times. It really gives you the sense and feel of isolation and that you are both the hunter and the hunted.

Grade: B+


Far Cry 3 created a lush island with great characters and graphically speaking the game is top tier. From the guns to the animals you hunt everything is detailed very nicely. The rain and environment add more depth to the game graphically and everything just hits on all cylinders. The NPC and player graphics are done fantastically. Vaas looks bat s–t insane and his facial movements give him that look even more. There is not much more terrifying than being in water and seeing a shark close in on you or a crocodile slowly creeping on you then gnawing on your arm like saltwater taffy. Far Cry 3 is on par graphically with Skyrim and surpasses Dead Island. FC3 has a solid graphics engine and the designing on the landscape and characters are very well done.

Grade: A-


Far Cry 3 joined the open world gaming genre and in its… well technically like… hmmm 5th?… 6th game?… Screw it this ones really good. Between the deep storyline that takes a seemingly harmless person and turns them into a brutality blood lusting psychopath and the fun of hunting and fighting against the environment I got addicted really quick. Utilizing stealth tactics allowed you to be a real hunter of sorts and then changing up to a run and gun style let you mow down enemies and take areas with brutal authority.

You really feel like you grow within the game itself. You start out scared, weak and essentially like an 18 year old army recruit that is getting broken in at basic training. Welcome to hell essentially. Going from that green recruit feeling to a seasoned blood thirsty bad ass is addicting. You go from using stealth tactics to stay alive to using them in order to spring traps and take out pirates. Far Cry 3 delivers in each part of the game. This is working up to the par of Skyrim and I am really anticipating the DLC that will be released. This game is worth the money and gives you your bang for your buck and more. Buy this, play it and love it, while you ponder that I am going to go kill more pirates and sharks with a machete.

Overall Grade: A

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