What a Colorful Week in Sports Eh?

A lot happened in the short span of 5 days. Between a very interesting NFL week, the MAC championship being more entertaining than the Big10 catastrophe and 2 NFL suicides, there was much to discuss. I figured it would be easier for you (and my lazy ass) to just read a full summation of the interesting events that have encompassed the beginning of the final month of December for 2012.

Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick?

Smith has been good, but Kaepernick is the future.

So head coach and presumed doppelganger “insert J based name” Harbaugh decided to keep rolling with Colin “OMG HE HAS TATTOOS” Kaepernick despite Alex Smith playing fantastic and only losing his job to injury. All I keep hearing is that a play shouldn’t ever lose their job because of injury… this is a stupid comment. I will explain with 2 simple examples.

  1. Kaepernick is the future of the 49ers, not Smith. Smith is done with the team after this year.
  2. Trent Green lost his job due to injury to Kurt Warner… Kurt Warner led the Rams to the Superbowl. Drew Bledsoe got injured and some kid named Tom Brady came in to replace him… he now can wear Ugg boots and be considered awesome. Needless to say, injury breeds opportunity which breeds competition which breeds winners. Listening Jets?

Colin Kaepernick is a very good player with much more upside than Alex Smith. Smith has been viable, but Kaepernick has both the running ability and the arm to take the 49ers to the Superbowl and the team is on the clock for it. There is no legitimate reason to keep Smith starting when Kaepernick is taking the team over next year regardless. If you do not win the Superbowl this year with Kaepernick, then you have next year with a team that has a full year of experience together under its belt. This is just common sense.

NFL Suicides

There were actually 2 suicides in the NFL this weekend. The first and most covered is the suicide of Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher.

Belcher killed his girlfriend then drove to the Chiefs facility where he spoke with GM Scott Pioli and other employees apparently then took his own life. Details are still iffy, but he apparently was having short-term memory loss coupled with alcohol, painkillers and domestic issues with his girlfriend. It was a sad day for fans and players everywhere, but most for Kansas City Chiefs players and Belchers family, friends and baby. Having the Chiefs play on Sunday was the right thing to do like it or not, and the Chiefs winning was a good thing not just for the Chiefs, but for the NFL.

The second and less known suicide was Cleveland Browns groundskeeper Eric Eucker. Eucker, only 30 years old, was found hanging in the equipment shed early in the afternoon of December 2nd. Very few details or reasons behind his suicide have come out, but keep Eucker and his family in your heart and minds.

Sportsman of the Year


it’s LeBron James.

Feel free to be pissed.

The Jets are the most dysfunctional team in the NFL


Terrible ^

Don’t look at records because the NY Jets are the most ass backwards team in the NFL. Mark Sanchez has finally been benched and I think we can call his career in New York over pretty much. Rocking 12 TDs, 13 INTs, 5 lost fumbles and getting sacked 29 times Sanchez has really been a cataclysmic disaster. I have heard the arguments that he does this and he does that and his stats were good, but great… hell even good players step up even when their team is awful. Sanchez is exactly what I guessed him to be, an inexperienced and overrated quarterback who was supported by a great defense, good offensive line (at the time) and a solid running game (Thomas Jones then Tomlinson). Shonn Greene is abysmal and honestly the entire Jets offense is dreadful save Nick Mangold.

Tim Tebow is not going to save anything. Unlike in Denver, no one in New York believes in him and the fans would hate his style of play. Add on that New England ALREADY clinched the division and you realize that the Jets really have no chance even if little Timmy started all year. Their entire team has lost faith and lost the will to fight. This team makse the Browns look like a well oiled machine.

College Football solidified why the BCS is god-awful

First off congrats to both Northern Illinois and Kent State for having solid seasons and both being ranked at the end of the year. Both MAC schools are actually very good and put on the most entertaining divisional championship game of the year to me. Yes the SEC had a good one, but because Georgia bumblef–ked their way to the end it lost compared to the dog fight that was the MAC title.

Louisiana Tech got screwed out of a bowl game so we will not be seeing the best statistical offense in the land. They are 9-3 and still got passed over showing how the BCS system favors teams differently. We all look forward to the BCS having its slow painful death.

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