Why Are Conservative Pundits Crying Foul on the GOP Denouncing Grover Norquist?

So now the punocracy is complaining about GOP members reneging on their “pledge” to Grover Norquist to never raise taxes. Norquist is a mouthpiece for several lobbying firms and is the President of Americans for Tax Reform, which is funny considering it should be called, Americans against Taxes in General.

Professional Human/Badger Hybrid

Norquist for decades now has been essentially forcing GOP nominees to sign off on this ass-backwards anti-taxes in general pledge. With Lindsay Graham (aged Ellen Degeneres) and Saxby Chambliss (awesome name) dropping off this pledge in light of the overplayed fiscal cliff talk, it has brought a new GOP view to head. Can the GOP survive with their old world “party of no” style they did with Clinton and with Obama in his first term? Obama won in a landslide and the GOP lost Senate seats among some House seats of importance, yet with trillions in debt and the lowest taxes in decades, raising taxes on the top 2%-5% of income earners is just so awful to think about. This is the thought of Norquist a Harvard educated man who himself uses plenty of “entitlements” to line his own pockets.

Norquist is nothing more than a lobbyist who is taking advantage of the education he received. Norquist and his team of pundits are attacking the GOP reps now for being “willing” to cave into Obama on this fiscal cliff issue. The real annoying thing is how the hell is it caving in when the majority of American citizens want taxes raised? Are we as a country pretty stupid? Yes, but we do realize that if you do not increase your income you cannot pay down your debt, so we wanted taxes raised for this purpose.

The funny thing to me is a majority of GOP stronghold states are the largest borrowers of national money. How can you be against raising taxes to fix the national debt when your state that you represent needs the federal government to loan it money year in and out. The national debt is nothing but a figure, but it is important to a degree.

The OG Grover

Right now though the more important things are to raise taxes on the top earners AND businesses because they do not pay their equal share always as they should. Wal-Mart is the most federally subsidized company in America and they still for some reason cannot be asked to pay taxes or raise wages to ones that would livable. No, none of this is to bother Mr. Norquist because evil government taxes may be looming, not that a disproportionate about of Americans are poor and in debt, but that the well off and well established companies may have to God forbid, pay taxes. he may also forget that compared to the average income in the 70s of $33,400 has actually lowered to $33,000 today despite the rising prices across the board. You cannot have you cake and eat it to Grover and sorry, but you are still only the second most important Grover in the world. Number 1 is to the top left.

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