Video Game Attack Reviews: Hitman: Absolution


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The Hitman series has been a favorite of mine for years. For the same reason I enjoyed Splinter Cell, this series allows you to be the silent hunter who can go along with their mission however however you decide to dictate it. It has been 6 long years since our last Hitman game and since then they released a movie that we all quickly forgot about. Can Hitman: Absolution improve on the previous titles and extend the storyline of Agent 47? Here’s your review.


After Hitman: Blood Money things had been righted. Diana Burnwood had allowed you to destroy The Franchise, while she used their assets to reestablish the International Contract Agency (ICA). With the ICA back, Diana Burnwood suddenly goes rogue and outs the ICA to the press thus the world finds out about it. New head of The Agency Benjamin Travis sends you to assassinate Diana and return the girl Victoria. Agent 47 has some reservations, but goes along with it.

He gun has an erection

After shooting Burnwood, Agent 47 retrieves Victoria, but remembers that Burnwood asked him not to let Victoria become him. Agent 47 defies The Agency and hides Victoria to find out what her importance is to The Agency. The storyline continues the dark and black market style of the assassination world and underworld of crime and politics.

The story stays interesting and gives you targets that you grow to dislike and take great satisfaction in assassinating. The story is just as interesting and intertwined as any and due to the convoluted nature of Hitman: Blood Money the story for Absolution has a lot to work with.

That being said it still is rough to work on the inside so much, but yet the outside. You constantly feel like for a professional hitman who is also bio-engineered to be perfect, that you are always a few steps behind. The game though keeps you interested and as long as there are assassinations, you probably won’t complain.

Grade: B+


Sniper positions are prevalent in this game

The game feels relatively smooth. In the same way that Splinter Cell: Conviction was made more to allow you to choose whether you wanted to be stealthy or just run and gun it. You can be crafty and a mobile shadow or a messy deranged killer who will annihilate everyone in his path.

Weapon selection is still simple and easy to switch while allowing you to still carry 2 handguns, a single power weapon (sniper, MP5, etc.) as well as your wire and a handheld weapon that can range from a statue bust to a knife to my personal favorite, a bong.

Cover and movement are made simple and the ability to use assassin sight (Yes I am a pansy that plays on normal) makes the game much easier to work stealth into your repertoire. The biggest addition is that each mission has multiple ways to eliminate your target allowing you to find new and innovative ways to off them.

The game though is more of the same. The gameplay feels very generic. Everything hits the fan, sneak around, knock some people out, locate objective, go to it, knock out some more dumbasses, locate target, eliminate, cut scene. That is basically the jist of each level. It is enjoyable, but can easily become monotonous.

Grade: B


There is a definite upgrade here, but that seems pretty obvious since it has been 6 long years since the last game. Agent 47 has quite a shiny bald head. The rain looks realistic and the open areas with people walking, talking and general commerce is lively and looks great.

The details though seem out of place and nothing makes you look a second time. The game looks nice, but it doesn’t do anything that we haven’t seen already in titles relative to it.

Grade: B-


Again not much has changed. The NPCs talk and walk around and act interested if you give yourself away slightly. You can hear your own foot steps and gun fire is normal sounding. Not much difference here from the other games beyond more defined sounds, but again no difference from previous titles in a general sense.

Grade: C+


Hitman: Absolution continues a fun and interesting storyline that has grabbed us for just over a decade. The storyline gives us a look into Agent 47 becoming more human and less robotic, gaining more emotion and caring about Victoria as well as Diana. Agent 47 is a character that you like because he is a cold-blooded killer, but one with a conscience.

The gameplay is slightly upgraded and feels better than previous titles allowing you to choose your style and roll with it. Giving you the option of being a gun toting lunatic or a cold calculated assassin is both fun and gives you several choices to make when eliminating targets.

The game as a whole is good, not great and fun, but worth a playthrough or 2 at the most. The game takes you roughly 12-15 hours to beat and thats just playing straight through it. The game is still missing the element of an effective upgrade system where you can choose what you want to upgrade and what you want to do with your assassin instead of it giving you auto-upgrades.

Hippie commune…. damn hippies

Hitman: Absolution is a fun interesting game with a concept that still works decently. The lack of a good online hurts, but the contracts option where you create your own contracts and allow other players to play it out is a good concept, but again falls short of being a solid facet of the game. It has a lot to offer and a lot more to work with and I am still wanting them to offer a create your own assassin and go through the game style, but alas this time around the continued story of Agent 47 is what we have. It is good and interesting, but still leaves much to be desired.

Overall Grade: B-

This review brought to you by Play N Trade Dublin located on 7593 Sawmill Road, Columbus, Ohio. Go to their Facebook Page and like it! Call (614) 889-6991 for game sales, tournament dates and more details!

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